The Brit + Co DIY Kits have just hit Target stores, and we鈥檙e excited AF. DIY runs through our DNA here at Brit + Co, and Target is a shopping fave, so it鈥檚 a collab that feels as natural as Gwyneth Paltrow鈥檚 new beauty line. Each kit comes with enough materials to make more than one project and even includes a free Brit + Co online class. That鈥檚 some serious self-care time! If you鈥檙e totally on board but don鈥檛 know which kit to choose first, we鈥檝e consulted the zodiac to bring you the best kit based on your astrological sign. Science!

aries聽(MARCH 21 鈥 APRIL 19)


1. Wood Burned Cutting Board Kit ($25): It鈥檚 only fitting that the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac should get down with a DIY kit that includes burning something! We know you love your independence, Aries, so go ahead and carve your initials into your board to show all your friends who鈥檚 the #cheeseboss.

taurus聽(APRIL 20 鈥 MAY 20)

2. Embroider a Leather Cuff Kit ($20): Serious luxury and earthly textures are your happy place, Taurus, which is why we think you鈥檙e going to love our leather cuff kit. Customize a colorful accessory, right in time for music festival season. The result is stylish and natural 鈥 just like you.

gemini聽(MAY 21 鈥 JUNE 20)

3. Embroider a Wall Hanging Kit ($20): As the zodiac鈥檚 resident communicator, finding ways to express yourself is right in your wheelhouse, Gemini. Learn how to embroider your personal mantra on a wall hanging for all your friends and family to admire.

cancer聽(JUNE 21 鈥 JULY 22)


4. Make a Macrame Planter Kit ($20): There鈥檚 something so meditative about macrame, and your sensitive soul could definitely use a meditation break every once in awhile, Cancer. Get lost in the process and come out with a boho plant hanger. Bringing a new plant into your home will help bolster your nurturing side too.

Leo聽(JULY 23 鈥 AUGUST 22)

5. Gold Foil Tote Kit ($25): Your enthusiasm for life is infectious, Leo, so why not carry your personality on your arm with our DIY gold foil tote? We also know how much you adore attention, so use the gold foil to create a fun pattern or witty message to catch the eyes of passers-by.

Virgo聽(AUGUST 23 鈥 SEPTEMBER 22)

6. Embroider a Wall Hanging Kit ($20): As a perfectionist, DIY projects can probably be a bit stressful for you, Virgo 鈥 we get it! Which is why we think learning to embroider is just your speed. It requires attention to detail and a level of precision you can appreciate. Plus, a personalized project makes the perfect gift (and we know how much you love giving gifts).

libra聽(SEPTEMBER 23 鈥 OCTOBER 22)


7. Weave a Wall Hanging Kit ($25): Our wall hanging kit is all about balancing color, shape, and texture for a just-so sense of aesthetics 鈥 sound familiar, Libra? Indulge your calm, balanced aura with a totally peaceful DIY that鈥檒l make your apartment look even cooler than it already does.

scorpio聽(OCTOBER 23 鈥 NOVEMBER 21)


8. Metal Stamp a Necklace Kit ($25): You already wear your emotions on your sleeve, Scorpio, so why not stamp them onto a necklace too? Our metal stamp-a-necklace kit includes two gold bar pendants that you can layer up or gift one to a BFF. Stamp initials, inside jokes, or sweet words for a special touch.

Sagittarius聽(NOVEMBER 22 鈥 DECEMBER 21)

9. Metal Stamp a Necklace Kit ($25): As the most optimistic and adventurous sign of the zodiac, Sag, you鈥檒l love having something inspirational, like your bestie or bae鈥檚 initials or a cheerful word, close to your heart on a daily basis. The kit comes with two necklaces, so your change-loving self can switch up your look depending on your mood.

capricorn聽(DECEMBER 22 鈥 JANUARY 19)


10. Knit a Scarf Kit ($20): Slow and steady wins the race, right, Cap? You鈥檙e all about stability, structure, and success, which is why learning how to knit a scarf is the perfect DIY for you. Not only are you learning a new skill, but you鈥檙e also creating something totally functional 鈥 music to your goal-oriented ears.

Aquarius聽(JANUARY 20 鈥 FEBRUARY 18)


11. Clay Jewelry Dish Kit ($20): You do you, Aquarius; this we know. DIYs of any kind are right up your independent alley. Our clay jewelry dish kit lets you individualize each dish with color and gold so that each piece gets imbued with your personality.

pisces聽(FEBRUARY 19 鈥 MARCH 20)


12. Weave a Necklace Kit ($25): Your imagination and compassion make you such a treat to hang with, Pisces, so try this necklace-weaving DIY with a friend or two. And while we love the fact you鈥檝e often got your head in the clouds, this hands-on project will work to ground and center your soul.

Which Brit + Co DIY project are you most excited to try? Tweet us @BritandCo and let us know if you鈥檒l be picking up your personal zodiac pick!