Stacking jewelry has to be one of our favorite trends and we are never letting it go! Layering delicate pieces together creates a new type of statement necklace and provides all different types of textures and colors. This is what inspired us to create this stacked fringe necklace. Wear it with a white dress for summer to your BAE’s bachelorette or a summer BBQ.


– gold cuff

– large gold beads

– jump rings

– lobster clasp

– cord ends in two sizes


– scissors

– pliers

– hot glue gun


Layered Fringe Necklace



1. Cut four 24-inch strands of each color embroidery floss.

2. Separate the strands and create a fishtail braid.

3. Cut a 22-inch strand of leather and string on 30 small gold beads.

4. Create seven tassels out of embroidery floss. Place into cord ends and attach jump rings onto each tassel.

5. String onto a piece of leather cord that measures 24 inches. Follow the pattern: small gold bead, large gold bead, tassel, large gold bead, small gold bead.

6. Use hot glue to attach all ends into the wider gold cord end finding.

7. Using pliers, attach jump rings and lobster clasp.


We cut four 24-inch strands of each color floss. Feel free to choose your own length and number of strings. The more strings, the denser your fish tail braid will be.


Fishtail braids are one of the easiest braids to do. Separate your strings into two even piles, then take the outer most string on the right and place it on the inner left section. Then take the outer left string and place it on the inner right section. We moved two strings at a time when working with this braid.


At first you won’t see a pattern. Keep moving those strands from outside to inside!


Knot both ends to keep the braid in place.


Cut a piece of leather cord that measures 22 inches. String 30 small gold beads onto the strand.


Tassel time! Wrap around two fingers about ten times. Use an extra piece of string to tie the loops together. Snip the loop at the end to create fringe and place the knotted side into the cord end. Use pliers to secure tassel in place. Then trim up all the loose pieces!


Check out that fringe man! You’ll want to make seven tassels.


Cut a piece of leather cord that measures 24 inches. String on the tassels and beads in this pattern: small gold, large gold, tassel, large gold, small gold.


Add some hot glue to the cord end, place all necklace ends into finding and squeeze with pilers.


Attach your lobster clasps and jump rings to complete your necklace.


Three necklaces are so much better than one.

Tassel Cuff



1. Cut a piece of cord and glue one end onto the cuff.

2. String ten gold beads onto the cord and glue the other side down. Separate the ten beads evenly against the cuff.

3. Create five tassels and glue between the gold beads.


We’re loving the white leather cord against the gold-plated cuff.


Wrap around your fingers, tie off in the center and secure with hot glue. Snip the top and bottom edges for ultimate fringe.


Glue your five tassels between the small gold beads.


This color combination is making us dream of vacation. Anyone ready for a trip to Morocco?!


There are endless possibilities when crafting with these materials.


Rock these bright pieces with a basic tee. Add in other fun colors with rings or hair accessories!


Show us what you’ve made with your Brit + Co Tassel Kit! Use the hashtag #iamcreative.