If you’re planning on doing a fair share of puckering up exactly one month from now, then it’s time to start thinking about your Valentine’s Day lips. Going for a classic red? A super trendy berry stain? Or staying with a silky gloss? The possibilities are pretty endless—but you don’t have to run to the makeup counter to try ‘em all on. Save yourself the mad dash and DIY your options instead! Trust us: it’s the most budget friendly way to look like a million bucks. Or for more everyday beauty options, try these DIY lip balms.

1. Dark Red DIY Lipstick: Get Jennifer Lawrence’s incredible Golden Globes look on the cheap with this dark DIY lipstick that uses beetroot powder to achieve its dramatic hue. (via Gingerly Made)

2. Beet Lip and Cheek Stain: Can’t find beet powder? Use the real deal with honey and olive oil to make this totally covetable stain. I mean, look at that color! Taylor Swift eat your heart out ;) (via Treasures and Travels)

3. Pumpkin Spice Lip Gloss: This lipgloss recipe will snap you out of the mindset that pumpkin is only a seasonal flavor. This yummy, rust-colored gloss brings a sprinkle of leftover pumpkin pie spice mix to the party. (via Henry Happened)

4. Matte Lipstick Hack: Y’all ready for this insanely simple beauty hack? Make your lipstick matte by dabbing on a powder blush of the same color. Another genius move from the Beauty Department! (via The Beauty Department)

5. DIY Lipstick or Cream Blush With Pigments: If your goal is to create a color that is bold and long lasting, then investing in pigments is the way to go. As you can see, this blogger has the recipe down to a tee, so follow it exactly for the best and brightest results. (via Adjusting Beauty)

6. DIY Red Hot Lip Gloss: Plump up the jams with this lip gloss recipe that pairs a chunk of your fave shade of lipstick with cinnamon extract, which naturally plumps your lips (you can tell it’s working if they’re tingling). (via Henry Happened)

7. DIY Tinted Lip Balm: These tinted lip balms make your lips distractingly shiny thanks to their main ingredient: petroleum jelly. Add a dusting of loose mineral blush to get a dreamy, rose petal shade, or go all out with a bold gloss made with a chunk of vibrant lipstick. (via Live Life Beautifully)

8. DIY Crayon Lipstick: Ever want to test out a dark, Lorde-inspired lip or try a crazy neon pout, Ke$ha-style? Rather than shovel out skrilla for something so costume-y, try making eye-catching colored lipsticks out of crayons. Yeah, you read that right! Melt ‘em with oil, shea butter, and the ever optional glitter for a beauty experiment like no other. (via Beautylish)

9. The Kool Aid Lip Stain: Oh Yeah! Kool-Aid lip stain? Sure it sounds wacky, but it totally works! Who knew lipstain could be so epically nostalgic? (via The Beauty Department)

BONUS:DIY Lipstick Palette: Keep all of your custom lip colors in one place with this DIY lipstick palette. Not only will it reduce clutter in your makeup kit, but you’ll also look like a pro! (via Beautylish)

What beauty DIYs do you do on the regular? Tell us in the comments below.