In the dark days of winter, before spring has sprung again, we’re always looking for ways to brighten up our meals. Ingredients like flowers and citrus help do the trick, whether we’re making recipes with edible flowers or sipping blood orange cocktails. Flower blossom waters are another way to add an eau-de-spring to your meals, and rosewater desserts are always a show-stopper. But flowers aren’t just for sweets; orange blossom water, rosewater, and even chamomile syrup can liven up savory dishes and desserts alike. Put a little spring in your step with these 22 flower water recipes, and you’ll feel the cold weather melting away.


1. Rosewater Macarons: Macarons are known for being finicky, but when they come out tasting this good, you won’t care if a few have fallen flat. The secret to these is the rosewater buttercream, which you’ll want to start slathering on everything. (via Bear Naked Food)


2. Baklava Pancakes: Dessert for breakfast is always a treat. Drizzled with orange blossom and rosewater syrup, these baklava pancakes will make you feel like royalty in the morning. (via Domestic Gothess)


3. Blackberry Rosewater Ricotta Donuts: Crispy on the outside, moist within, these donut holes are irresistible. They’re even better once topped with a floral, fruity blackberry rosewater sauce. (via Little Kitchen. Big World)


4. Rosewater Shortbread Cookies: Buttery, floral cookies pair perfectly with tea and coffee. You’ll want to keep them for yourself, but they’re great as gifts too. (via The Little Epicurean)


5. Orange Flower, Plum, and Almond Tart: Get ready for a taste bud overload. This tart pairs sweet plums with a tangy, floral orange blossom crème fraîche filling and a nutty almond crust for maximum flavor. (via Dessert First)


6. Kale Salad With Orange Blossom Water: This kale salad is anything but casual. Tucked into a ring of cucumber, it’s tossed with an orange blossom water dressing you’ll need second helpings of. (via Petit World Citizen)


7. Orange Blossom Caramel Apple Pie: Apple pie is always a favorite, but it’s even better when caramel is added to the mix. This is especially true when the caramel is made with orange blossom water. (via Butter and Brioche)


8. Orange Blossom Brioche: Toast is anything but simple when made with this fragrant brioche. Orange blossom water adds that little something special to the dough, for bread that shines even without butter and jam. (via Stew or Story)


9. Cardamom Soft Pretzels With Orange Flower Water Glaze: Salty soft pretzels are always delightful, but these sweet dessert pretzels might be even better. Spiced with cardamom and drizzled with an orange flower glaze, they’ll take you from the ballpark to the ballroom with one bite. (via The Baking Bird)


10. Orange Blossom Pound Cake With Prune Filling: Don’t turn your nose up at prunes — they get sweet and luscious when baked in this pound cake. The cake itself is flavored with orange blossom water, adding a pleasant floral taste to every bite. (via A Red Binder)


11. Moroccan Tomato Jam: Tart, sweet tomatoes are perfect candidates for jam-making, but are too often overlooked. This recipe helps them shine, along with some orange flower water, to make for a jam that really stands out. (via A Recipe for Gluttony)


12. Moroccan Salad Bowl: Topped with orange blossom vinaigrette, this Moroccan salad bowl is better than anything you’ve been packing for lunch lately. It’s got all the usual culprits, but the floral vinaigrette really makes it sing. (via Bread and Olives)


13. Orange Blossom Citrus Tapioca Pudding: Stop eating mediocre breakfasts. Treat yourself to something special, like this vegan orange blossom tapioca pudding, which is like a healthy dessert you’ll be excited to wake up for. (via Kale and Caramel)


14. Orange Blossom Pistachio Meringues: Imagine eating a cloud in paradise. That’s basically what you can expect from these sweet, floral, crispy-yet-chewy meringues. (via Sweet Paul Mag)

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15. Orange Blossom, Date, and Fig Oatmeal: When breakfast at home is this good, you’ll save big on brunch. Orange blossom water, dates, and figs make this oatmeal tastier than your usual restaurant fare, and at half the cost. (via Ruby Josephine)


16. Greek Yogurt Cake With Orange Blossom Glaze: Moist and rich, this cake just begs for a glaze. Its wishes are met with a sweet, floral orange blossom icing that takes dessert to the next level. (via Baked the Blog)


17. M’hanncha: This Moroccan pastry will change the way you eat dessert. It combines flaky pastry with ground almonds and an orange blossom syrup, for a complex dish that’s better than most sweet treats you’re used to eating. (via Milly’s Kitchen)


18. Iranian Jeweled Rice: Studded with dried fruits, pomegranate arils, and pistachio nuts, this rice is anything but a side dish. Its complex flavor profile of saffron, orange blossom water, cardamom, and cinnamon make it a star entree at any table. (via The Kitchen)


19. Spicy Orange Blossom Fruit Salsa: Orange blossom vinegar adds tang and a floral flavor to this spicy fruit salsa. Serve it over grilled chicken or fish to make a healthy meal that tastes surprisingly fabulous. (via The View from Great Island)


20. Chicken Tagine With Dates and Orange Blossom Water: Chicken doesn’t have to be boring. Dress yours up in a tagine that uses dates and orange blossom water to pack the chicken full of flavor. (via Spice Ame Cooks)


21. Baked Camembert With Chamomile Blossom Syrup, Figs, and Pistachios: Chamomile blossom syrup is drizzled over baked Camembert to make this sweet and savory recipe. Figs, pistachios, and pomegranate arils add to the delicious glory, which you’ll want to scoop up with tons of toasted baguette slices. (via Sugar Love Spices)


22. Mozzarella Cheese Kunafa: Mozzarella may not call dessert to your mind, and if not, you’ve been missing out. It’s an essential part of this sweet and salty treat, made with crispy kunafa pastry and drizzled in a rose and orange blossom water syrup. (via Cleobuttera)

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