Pixel art (and we’re not talking pixel hair) can be a fun and modern way to update your wall art game, plus you can create really large pieces — even a mural — on the cheap. The idea behind pixelated art is pretty simple: Find a photo with a lot of fun colors, blow it up until it’s totally pixelated (the bigger the pixels, the better) and then paint a million or so little boxes to get that modern, geometric look. The more pixelated you decide to go, the less recognizable the image will be, so it’s up to you how abstract you want your piece to look. Get inspired with these eight DIY pieces of pixelated artwork.


1. DIY Pixel Mural: Too cool for two-dimensional walls? Adding wood blocks to your pixel art makes a huge impact and isn’t too much work. The hardest part of a pixelated mural will be trying to figure out how big the squares need to be, but once you’ve done the math, the painting part is easy. (via Classy Clutter)


2. Disney Inspired Pixels: Get the look of pixels without any paint work by sending in a photo of your choice and getting it pixelated for you ($164). Or you can just peruse IXXI’s gallery of ideas and get even more inspiration for your own DIY pixel project. (via IXXI)


3. DIY Washi Tape Heart: If the thought of mixing a dozen different paint colors doesn’t make your heart sing, DIY a modern version of pixelated art using washi tape or even paint swatches. Stick it right to the wall and take it down whenever you move or feel the need to redecorate. (via A Beautiful Mess)


4. DIY Triangular Pixel Art: Pixels don’t always have to be square. In fact, triangular pixels are a pretty darn cool look and give the illusion of kaleidoscope. (via The Bold Abode)


5. DIY Post-it Photo Booth: If you’ve got a school reunion or ’80s-themed party coming up, this video game-inspired photo booth backdrop is practically a necessity. No paint mixing required: Just peel and stick lots and lots (and lots) of sticky notes. (via Lovely Indeed)


6. DIY Wood Art: You don’t have to worry about getting every paint color the exact same shade as the photograph (this is supposed to be fun, after all). Use a piece of plywood for a cheap, textured canvas, and transparent paint to give it a cool watercolor effect. (via Better Homes and Gardens)


7. DIY Pixel Painting: Scale a photo down to 15 pixels wide and zoom way in — you’ll get just a few blocks of color that still capture the mood of the photograph. If you hate tedious projects, you might want increase the pixel size. The bigger the squares, the more modern the piece looks. (via Wit & Whistle)


8. Giant Flower Power: The more color your original photo has, the more fun the piece of art will be. Think close-ups of candy or a bright flower pic with very distinct color patches. Even though this floral piece isn’t a DIY, it’s a great example of how you can use variations of pixelation to make the image more abstract or more recognizable. (via Brekend)

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