If you’re lucky enough to spend the last days of January walking around Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival, you’ve got to look your best, but still feel comfy and warm. So forget your sheer blouses or ankle-strap heels and get ready to stand out among the stars with this Selena Gomez-inspired chunky sweater.


Materials and Tools:



1. Place the lace trim over your sweater as shown below and cut it. Then use the fabric glue to glue it in place.

2. Repeat step one twice to create three parallel black lines.

3. Cut and glue two pieces of trim to create two horizontal lines.

4. Wrap the yarn around your hand seven times.

5. Tie a knot to create the head of the tassel.

6. Cut the bottom of the yarn as shown below.

7. Repeat to make three more tassels.

8. Hand stitch the first tassel as shown below.

9. Repeat with the other tassels.

step 2

First take your black thin lace trim and place it over your sweater, as shown above. Measure as long it needs to be and use your fabric scissors to cut it. Then glue it in place, following the sweater twine. Next, repeat to create three parallel black lines. At this point, cut and glue two more pieces and create two horizontal lines as well. Feel free to use your measuring tape for a more precise result.

step 2

Now it’s time to create some tassels: Wrap the yarn around your hand several times. Then cut a three-inch piece of yarn and wrap it around the bundle to create the head of the tassel. Finally, cut the bottom of the yarn and trim the ends to your liking. Use the same technique to create another three tassels, then hand stitch them, as shown above. Ta-da! That’s it.


Complete the look with a bow neck tie and a pair of skinny jeans to recreate Selena’s look. So cozy yet cute ;)


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