Winter weather is knocking at your front door telling you to embrace the cold and give in to all things cozy and hygge. So why fight that pesky snow when you can stay indoors by the fireside with your nearest and dearest? For your next snow day, try hosting a little snowed-in board game party. Pair it with some sweet and boozy treats and you鈥檒l have the *perfect* day. Since you鈥檝e already mastered all the games in your game closet, we found a few more fun, creative, hip and youthful DIY board games you鈥檒l want to make before the next blizzard hits. Roll the dice and read below!


1. DIY Donut Poker Chips: Hold 鈥檈m, fold 鈥檈m, eat 鈥檈m! How cute and clever are these donut poker chips? Surely, you鈥檒l want to DIY a batch before you get the girls together again for some poker face action. Serve 鈥檈m up with a side of pink cosmos 脿 la Carrie Bradshaw and, yes, donuts. (via Our Messy Table)


2. Guess Who Board Game DIY: Guess Who? Well, before we tell you who, you鈥檒l have to play a friendly game of Guess Who with us! Get creative one weekend and make your own Guess Who character cards. Your friends will go nuts for this! (via Lovely Indeed)


3. Printable Fruit聽Slice Memory DIY: This game will not only improve your memory skills, but will also get your creativity wheels a-turning when you DIY a colorful game of Memory. We鈥檙e totally loving the citrusy and colorful vibes of the cards that do the perfect job of brightening up those bleak winter skies. (via Design Eat Repeat)


4. Chinese Checker Game DIY: This colorful board is giving us early springtime vibes. Whether you play with two, three, four or six players, there鈥檚 (snow)bound to be fun had. (via Anna Mar铆a)


5. DIY Checkers: Forget those red and black checker pieces 鈥 it鈥檚 time for a vibrant update. Paint your checker board a neutral hue and go for fun shapes such as stars for the playing pieces. Bold, youthful pieces (think: pink and blue, or maybe bright pink and lime green) will add a little extra sunshine to any snowy day. (via Your DIY Family)


6. Fave Besties and Couples Memory Game DIY: No snow day is complete without a few of your favorite celebs. Make the same couples in the project above, or be inspired to add your own faves from Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars and Harry Potter. (via Studio DIY)


7. DIY Mini Donut Bingo: Bingo is here to stay. Aside from getting to wear one of those sleek plastic visors, playing bingo with miniature donuts means everyone wins! (via Aww Sam)


8. DIY Los Angeles Chutes and Ladders: You loved Chutes and Ladders when you were a kid, but now it鈥檚 time to reimagine the game in a whole new setting. Whether you decide to DIY the board game鈥檚 setting in your hometown or favorite city, it鈥檚 guaranteed to bring up fond memories from your most beloved childhood board game. (via Lovely Indeed)


9. DIY Yahtzee: Yahtzee was always a fun way to pass the afternoon. While you鈥檙e waiting for springtime, this colorful DIY is your answer. Follow all the instructions and then grab a friend 鈥 it鈥檚 Yahtzee time! (via Lovely Indeed)


10. DIY Giant Jenga: Jenga is one of those games where you can鈥檛 master it by reading the rule book, but rather by playing it over and over again. What, you鈥檙e already a Jenga pro? Try your skills with giant Jenga blocks that look appropriately frozen for a wintry day. (via Our Messy Table)


11. Instagram Memory DIY: A love for board games and social feeds may sound like a strange combo, but not to a true DIYer. Take your favorite Instagram images to create a Memory game where you are in control. (via Lovely Indeed)


12. DIY Mancala Game: Creating your own mancala game will not only serve as a way to pass the evening, but the game pieces are so pretty it doubles as an art piece. When you鈥檙e not playing, you can leave the game out on your coffee table for springy decor while the snow blows outside. (via Lovely Indeed)

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