Home trends come and go, but the lasting ones tend to make you feel warm all over. Enter Hygge — the hot new Scandi home trend that’s burning up everyone’s Pinterest and Instagram feeds. The Danish word (pronounced hue-gah) is a feeling or mood that comes from taking genuine pleasure in ordinary, everyday things, like the warm, cozy comforts that make a house a home. This trend couldn’t come at a better time, as winter days darken and grow cold, and you just want to huddle indoors. Here are 18 ways that you can bring hygge warmth into your home, to see you through even the coldest winter.


1. Low Lamps and Firelight: When the afternoon sun wanes, turn on some low table lamps and light a fire. Grab your coziest slippers and settle in with a good book to relax and recharge. (via Posy)


2. String Lights: One way to give a room a nice hygge glow is to add some string lights, especially ones that double as a gallery wall. The soft rumpled linens on this bed and muted rug also contribute to that feeling of cozy comfort. (via UO Blog)


3. Hot Drinks: ‘Tis the season for some hot cocoa. While you’re at it, nab a few of those holiday spice cookies as well, and breathe in the magical scents of the holidays before they’re even here. (Brit + Co)


4. Dip-Dyed Tassels + Gold Garland: Surround yourself with happy colors and bling. You’ll long to stay indoors in a room so beautiful it makes your heart do a happy dance. (via Everything About Design)


5. A Comfy Nook: There’s nothing as inviting as a plush, upholstered chair paired with coordinating pillows and throws. The sweet reading light and side table for tea makes this nook a comfortable nest. (via Houzz)


6. A Cozy Canopy: A canopy bed fit for a princess takes on an even more enchanting look when twinkle lights are woven in. The colorful pom-poms on the basket and the soft faux fur rug provide additional texture and warmth that you’ll want to tuck right into on a cold night. (via Mommo Design)


7. Welcoming Entryway: No pressure, but your mudroom sets the tone for the whole house whenever guests drop by. Thanks to textured throws and colorful, homey pillows, everyone who enters here feels instantly at home. (via Lantliv)


8. Faux Fur Pillows + Throws: When the air outside is crisp and cold but you stay cozy and warm under the blankets, you know you’re in for a good nap. This rustic lean-to becomes a romantic shelter, thanks to the layers upon layers of luxurious pillows and blankets. (via Rebellious Lace)


9. Chunky Knits: Big, chunky knits are so on trend right now. Throw one across your bed for instant hygge appeal and your plain old linens will get an oh-so sumptuous upgrade. (via Decordots)


10. Indulgent Rituals: When it’s cold outside, it’s very hygge to warm yourself from within. A fresh-brewed cup of java with spicy cardamom will tickle your nose *and* your taste buds as it fills you with warmth going down. (Honestly Yum)


11. Gather With Friends: Winter socializing is a big part of Scandi life. Hygge rule #1: Sharing comfort food and drink with friends is what makes the dark winter months not just bearable but utterly enjoyable. (via Local Milk)


12. Dinner by Candlelight: No table is more festive than one like this that’s strewn with tea lights and candles. It gives everyone and everything a romantic glow that makes our fave comfort foods taste all the sweeter. (via Raincoast Creative Salon)


13. Mellow Mulled Wine: While there’s *no* time that red wine doesn’t make everything better, serve it up warm with fruit and spices this time of year. Think of mulled wine as your sangria of winter. (Brit + Co)


14. Hygge Workspace: Make your workspace the warmest, most inviting place to be. The string lights in this room pull double duty, providing both a light source for work and a warm glow to the whole room. (via Mimi + Meg)


15. Plush Carpet + Poufs: Is shag back? When there’s a fire lit, it’s only natural to want to drop down to its level, so this plush rug and low seating become doubly inviting. (via Plastolux)


16. Book Nook: Turn even the smallest spaces in the house into your private sanctuary. Plush cushions, a lantern and guilty reading pleasures make this little window seat the most desired spot in the house. (via Black Eiffel)


17. Pampering Place: You know those perfect bathrooms, where no one is allowed to use the *good* towels. That’s sooooo *not* hygge. This bath is inviting because the little luxuries like fluffy white towels and scented salts are so totally accessible they seem to be begging for your indulgence. (via BHG)


18. Candles That Turn Bathtime into an Oasis: When you come in from the cold, nothing warms you up quicker than a hot bath. Add a warm cuppa and scented candle, and give some hygbe love to *all* your senses. (UO Blog)

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