In honor of this week’s #GoldRush, we’re keeping the gilded goods comin’. We’ve shown you snazzy gold tech accessories, made your mouth water with a gold confetti champagne cake and have even taken over your desktop with sparkling gold backgrounds. But this go-around, we’re dazzling your necks with some gorgeous gold statement necklaces. Check out these 16 shiny picks that are sure to take you from girl to goddess in no time.

1. Indra Necklace ($110): We’re kickin’ this roundup off with one of our own Brit Shop faves. We love how the matte turquoise beads in this statement piece make the shimmer and shine of the gold pendants really pop.

2. Hellyeah Diecast Metal Necklace ($32): While it may not be bulky or chunky like most statement necklaces you’re used to seeing, there’s no doubt that this accessory still makes a huge statement.

3. Temecula Rose Necklace ($32): It’s not often that we see mesh work well in jewelry pieces, but this rosy one breaks the mold.

4. Golden Knot Necklace: If you have the time, and a little bit of patience, stringing seed beads on six different strands can create a simple piece of jewelry with a nautical twist. (via The Sweet Survival)

5. Antler Necklace ($36): We’re willing to bet you know a few friends that would absolutely adore this pick. It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping!

6. Into the Nile Necklace ($18): The only thing better than shine is, well, more shine!

7. The Courtney Bib ($68): The basic white tee has met its accessory match. Who needs a fancy top when your necklace can do all the fashion work on its own?

8. Winding Whimsical Necklace ($11): Pearls make everything classier, and look great with anything from a casual chambray shirt to a sleek black blouse.

9. Tribal Lasercut Necklace ($118): We couldn’t resist adding in this B + C Shop jewelry pick either. We just can’t get enough bold, bright colors mixed with gold.

10. Beaded Gold Necklace: This DIY involves no beading at all, just a thrifty eye and a tall can of spray paint. (via It’s Mostly About Fashion)

11. Cutout Geo Bib ($5): Cutouts have always been close to our hearts, and this one’s hard to resist at only $5!

12. Chunky Gold Chain ($37): A chunky necklace that still looks sophisticated and ladylike… we’re in!

13. Collar Necklace ($125): This pick rocks a super fun vibe that pairs translucent and opaque beads together.

14. Good Fortune Bib ($13): If you’ve been looking for the perfect accessory to go with a simple black dress or crew-neck blouse, meet this layered babe.

15. Rachel Spike Bib ($32): We all need to add a little edge to an outfit sometimes. Give your studded leather jacket a night off and opt for this spiked wonder instead.

16. Pave Bubble Necklace ($20): Skip bold… go straight for bedazzled!

Which of these necklaces will you be making a statement with? Leave us your thoughts below, and don’t forget to stay tuned for the rest of our #GoldRush features this week!