We’re starting to make plans for our holiday party here at Brit + Co., and what do you suppose is the number one must-have on our list? A photo booth, of course! If you ask us, no bash is complete without a dedicated corner decked out with a festive background and loads of silly props, and if you’ve ever stepped into one, you’d say the same! In addition to the standard mustache and sunglass on a stick, expand your collection with these 15 festive props sure to spread holiday cheer.

1. Snow Bunny Props ($21): If you wouldn’t be caught dead dashing through the snow without your sunnies and a puckered pout, then this is the holiday photo booth prop for you! It’s the perfect way to vogue in style.

2. Holiday Props for Him ($21): Of course, where there’s a chic lady there has to be a dapper dude! He even brought you a steaming hot cocoa—what a stand up guy!

3. Holiday Tree Glasses ($8): Time to get goofy with these totally wacky sunglasses. Metallic pom poms look like ornaments on these glittery Christmas tree lenses, which will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

4. Asos Xmas Tree Pom Beanie ($22): Once again, pom poms double as bright “tree” decor on this evergreen beanie. This darling design is definitely DIY-able, too!

5. Asos Crown Jewel Tiara Headband ($72): Whether you choose the title Ice Queen or Snow Princess, this oversized gem headband is fierce! While it’s a tad on the pricey side in terms of photo booth props, it’s a foolproof way to get your glam on at any holiday party.

6. A Kiss Under the Mistletoe With Champagne Props ($23): These glitzy props will help you welcome the New Year with a fabulous faux toast. The marquee-style 2014 glasses are so freaking cool!

7. Snowflake Glasses ($8): Here’s another pair of sunnies fit for any festive bash. These silver stunners are sure to make you the life of the party.

8. Happy New Year Krazy Straw ($10): Now this is a photo booth prop that we can definitely toast to! Be sure to pop a bottle of bubbly before you pose with this insanely large straw.

9. Christmas Cookies Props ($9): This might be the most adorable set of holiday photo booth props out there. Perfect for posing with your little helpers at a family bash, if you ask us!

10. Pave Antlers Headband ($48): We’re in love with this whimsical headband that’s both festive and super chic. This hair accessory would definitely add a playful touch to any holiday get up.

11. Mistletoe Pointer Wand ($12): Get a giggle out of your guests by tossing this mistletoe prop into the mix. You never know, your secret sweetie just might lean in! ;)

12. Holiday Themed Props ($12): If you’re looking for a well-rounded collection of holiday props, this set has it all. From jolly santa beards to adorable elf hats, these props are sure to keep things merry.

13. Claws for Celebration Headband ($12): This is a purr-fect excuse to buy that cute cat ear headband you’ve seen everywhere this season. Adorned with dangling crystals, this trendy piece will fit right in with the rest of your glitter-filled props.

14. Kigu Christmas Tree Onesie ($89): Who needs a hot holiday dress when you can rock this onesie to all your Christmas parties? We kid, we kid! Though we strongly encourage bold souls to go all out in this hilarious outfit.

15. Printable Holiday Photo Props (Free): Take a DIY approach to photo booth props with the help of these darling illustrated templates. Simply print, glue to foam core with a wooden handle, and get ready to say cheese! (via Oh Happy Day)

Will you be voguing with photo booth props this holiday season? Will you buy ’em or DIY ’em? What will you set up be like? Talk to us about your party plans in the comments below!