In search of a more metallic workspace? How about a little digital gold? Instead of busting out your gold spray paint and going to town on your entire desk, just download a new glittery wallpaper for your laptop or desktop. Easy as pie.

1. Gold Confetti Wallpaper: You know what they say about all that glitters? It’s probably covered in gold confetti ;) (via Design Love Fest)

2. Wild Shapes Wallpaper: More confetti-ish shapes! This time pastel shapes combine with gems to create a party right on your computer. (via Design Love Fest)

3. Heart of Gold Wallpaper: We know that heart shapes can border on the too-saccharine side of things, but this geometric take on a heart is spot on. (via It’s All Golden)

4. Make It Count: Make today a good one. (via Design Love Fest)

5. Gold Tile Wallpaper: Whoa. Soooo SHINY. (via Wonderful Engineering)

6. Gold Heart, Mint: One more heart of gold for you, because we care. (via Sugar Paper)

7. Dreamers of Dreams: There is definitely something dreamlike about this gold typography! (via Design Love Fest)

8. Glitter Hello: Oh… hello! This glittery greeting will you make you a wee bit happier to open your computer every morning. (via Oh So Lovely)

9. Chevron Glitter Wallpaper: Glitter, chevron and even a sense of ombre? So many trends packed into one digital download. (via Oh So Lovely)

10. Create Gold Lettering: We’re digging the hand-painted texture of this collaged desktop. (via Co Corrina)

11. Be Fabulous: More glittery words! Fresh, fabulous and oh-so-festive. (via Andrea the Designer)

12. Be You Confetti: Don’t forget that being happy, bright and you is simply the best! (via Sugar Paper)

13. Start Where You Are: These words are definitely a good reminder on a stressful Monday afternoon. (via Sweet Mint Design)

14. Yolo Desktop Wallpaper: We are totally guilty of being obsessed with this desktop — so obsessed that we’ve featured it in two other desktop wallpaper articles! (via Design Love Fest)

15. Gold-Dipped Feathers: And finally, a little boho touch to your screen. Oh and guess what? We’ve got DIY earrings to match! ;) (via Sarah Hearts)

What does your desktop look like? Take a screenshot and send it our way via Twitter!