Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to show the love! We’ve been obsessively stitching, stamping, and needle-felting our very own handmade Valentine cards. And while we were at it, we gathered up a few of our favorites from other makers out there. We hope you heart them too.

1. Cross-Stitch Valentine’s Kit: Cross-stitch our hearts and hope you’ll be ours after we give you this handmade Valentine! (We’re poets and you didn’t even know it ;) Our Cross-Stitch Valentine’s Brit Kit has everything you need to make 10 of your very own cross-stitch cards. (via Brit + Co)

2. Handmade Card with Seed Beads: Got nice handwriting? Write out something sweet like “love” or “honey” in pencil on the cover of a blank card, then trace over it in glue. Before the glue dries, pour tiny beads (or glitter!) over the glue. Let dry, then shake off the excess. (via Katrin Shine)

3. Love Letters: If you don’t have the handwriting of an accomplished calligrapher, try designing your card in word-processing software or your favorite Adobe program. Print it out on heavyweight white paper, and if it needs a little more DIY, add cutout hearts or glitter. (via Gatherings Magazine)

4. Wood Veneer: For a slightly more masculine Valentine, we like the idea of using wood veneer or a manly patterned paper. Simply cut in the shape of a heart and glued on white paper… you know, in case your guy feels a little self-conscious displaying your glittery Valentine at the office. (via Sprinkled With Glitter)

5. Origami Hearts: If you haven’t quite mastered the art of the paper crane, breathe easy: Origami hearts are much, much easier. Put a sweet message inside them, or use them to adorn a handmade card. (via Omiyage Blogs)

6. Origami Bows: Speaking of which, origami paper comes in all sorts of pretty colors and patterns that you can incorporate into your Valentines without even folding it. How cute are those bows? (via The Pink Doormat)

7. DIY Valentine’s Cards: Excited about the prospect of Valentine’s Day, Alex over at North Story pulled out all of her craft supplies and created four unique designs. We especially love the ones made with ribbon and twine. (via North Story)

8. DIY Tags: Got a few blank tags leftover from Christmas? Turn them into Valentine tags with lace, ribbon, and tissue paper! (via Michaela Noelle Designs)

9. Hole Punch Confetti: We love confetti so much, we had to share two different confetti Valentine tutorials. Amy of Design Improvised made her confetti with a heart hole punch, but it would look just as cute with a regular hole punch. (via Design Improvised)

10. Heart Window Confetti Valentine: Okay, this one is a little bit more challenging. It involves an X-acto knife and sewing skills, but it’s so worth it for the little heart window. You can even turn a favorite love poem or classic romantic novel into sweet little bits of confetti. (via The Creative Place)

11. Washi Tape Card: This one is so easy to make. You could make dozens of them for every occasion! (And it’s a good excuse to buy more washi tape, too ;) (via One Artsy Mama)

12. Rainbow Heart Iris Folding Card: Doesn’t this remind you of a beautiful stained-glass window? Yana used colorful ribbon in this tutorial, but you could also use paper or — you got it, washi tape! (via My Wine Country Life)

13. Needle Felted Heart Handmade Valentine: Remember when we learned how to needle felt? Well, now we want to needle felt everything, including our Valentine cards, so we felt we should share this with you ;) (via Petals to Picots)

14. Stamp Valentine’s Day Card: (st)Amp your plain white stationery! Make a big heart out of smaller hearts or x-and-o-shaped stamps! For a truly DIY experience, you can even make your own stamps from a potato or cork. (via Go Make Me)

Do you make your own Valentines? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!