It’s started. That’s right, the holidays are ON. Have you been to Target lately? If not, you should know that the decorations section is overflowing with goodness. We’ve also started to amp up our holiday DIYs and today we’ve got potato-stamped wrapping paper. Inspired by a post I wrote last year, we’re bringing these bad boys back. Hey Santa, tell your elves we’re challenging them to a gift-wrap competition. Our workshop will kick your workshop’s booty. Starting with potatoes.

 – potatoes

– craft paper

– acrylic paint

– paint brushes

 – chef’s knife

– xacto knife

– Sharpie


1. Cut the potatoes in half.

2. Place each half face down on a towel or paper towel to reduce the moisture.

3. Draw a design on the face of your potato.

4. Trace the design using your Exacto knife, cutting approximately a 1/4 inch deep.

5. Using the chef’s knife, cut a 1/4 inch around the rim of the potato making sure not to cut through the designed area.

6. Remove the cut section.

7. Apply paint to the design.

8. Push firmly to stamp your craft paper.

First off, chop your potatoes in half. Try to make your slice as even as possible. You want a flat edge so that when you stamp, your shape won’t get cut off.

Your potatoes will be pretty juicy, so put them face down on a towel to pull out the moisture. We let ours sit for about an hour.

While you wait, practice drawing a design that you want to carve into your stamp. Remember you’re going to have to cut this shape out, so don’t make it too complicated. More shapes, less Leonardo Da Vinci.

Draw your design onto the face of your potato. We did three: a flag (which can be used as a gift tag), a triangle, and a chevron.

Brush some paint onto your stamp and then go to town. Make sure you don’t twist your hand when you are stamping or you’ll just wind up with a big blob. You don’t want that.

We used these stamps to make wrapping paper, but you could use them for so many projects!

What type of DIY gift wrap tips and tricks are on your list? Talk to us in the comments below.