“Don’t get me anything; just make me something!” *Facepalm* Okay, they mean well, but parents and significant others are the worst about this. There’s no easy way to explain to them that, well, it’s not that the thought of a handmade gift hasn’t crossed your mind, it’s just that the thought of using a sewing machine, or who knows what else, is the last thing you want to do on your Christmas break. Or maybe you’re too busy channeling your creativity into planning the holiday party of the year, but you still want to make everyone on your list feels one-in-a-million. Whatever the case may be, you can head to the B+C Shop, where you’ll find perfect solutions for the girl who’s too lazy to DIY, but cares enough to personalize.


1. 3D-Printed Camera Ornament ($30): It’s vintage-meets-modern with our custom 3D-printed ornament. Slip a photo of someone special inside the lens for a gift that definitely shows you put thought into it.


2. Custom State Lovin’ Wood Wall Art ($30): Whether home is here or far away, help someone show pride in their city/state with a wooden plaque, hewn from sweet-smelling pine, to hang or display in their home. You can even customize by moving the heart over their home city. The Custom State Lovin’ Ornament ($20) makes a great matching gift option, too. Hurry, these take two weeks to ship!


3. Custom Emoji Print + Digital Download ($75): No emoji keyboard is complete without their lovely face. You can get these custom emojis as portraits too, to be proudly displayed above the fireplace.


4. Sweet Talk Pen Set ($14): When’s the last time a pen give you the warm fuzzies? These pens are special, with hand-written messages that look like they’re coming straight from you.


5. Large Initial Gold Necklace ($34): For the gal who’s unapologetically herself, this necklace shows just how much she dazzles with a bold-yet-sweet look that reflects her personality.


6. Custom Hand-Stamped Initial Ring ($42): For initial jewelry, this ring is slightly more subtle, but simple and timeless enough to be a favorite for years to come.


7. Custom Puppy Love Ornament ($30): Got a dog-lover on your hands? Then you know the way to their heart is through their four-legged family member. These keychain/ornaments are custom-made with name and dog breed. Hurry, this one takes two weeks to ship!


8. Custom Silver Spoon with Chocolate ($37): Did someone say chocolate? This chocolate-dipped spoon can be engraved with any secret message underneath, making it like the best grown-up version of a lollipop ever.


9. Bezel Bracelet ($52): With its quiet sophistication, this charm bracelet is a safe gift for any gal. Choose from six gems to find one that’s fitting to her personality.


10. Soy Glad We’re Friends Candle ($18): Suddenly a candle is a whole lot less generic of a gift. Especially when that candle talks like you talk to your friends.


11. Custom Message Collar Stays ($92): Tell the man what he means to you. He can wear your message tucked right under his shirt collar for an all-day pick-me-up, and all you had to do was think it up!


12. Crystal Card Necklace or Bracelet ($12): These dainty necklace or bracelets come with a card that reveals the unique meaning of that crystal. Trust: you’ll know the right one when you see it. Oh, as a bonus, they come with their own shimmer envelope for easy long-distance gifting via snail mail!

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