Step aside, Netflix. You aren’t the only one offering some seriously awesome series to binge watch on a Saturday afternoon. Lately, we have been digging up amazing web series all over the Internet. Our current faves? Drama, drama and more drama. If you’re looking for a new show to watch, look no further. Scroll through to see our top 10 must-watch favorites.

1. Whatever This Is: Whatever This Is is all about Sam and Ari’s adventures of working on low-pay video production gigs. This web series dives deep into the question of how long it takes to be able to do what you love AND pay rent. Sounds like something we could totally watch.

2. Storytellers: Produced by YouTube sensation Joey Graceffa, this web series focuses on six friends with six stories. The pals gather around a campfire to share scary stories just for fun, but it turns out to be a little bit more frightening than they anticipated.

3. Biolands: This dramatic web series is set in 2020, where a highly contagious flu outbreak has infected over half of the world’s population. When scientists try to find a cure, it takes a turn for the worse. Oh, the suspense!

4. The Outs: On the hunt for a series that has been nominated for a bunch of awards? Look no further. The Outs has been totally in ever since they released it in 2012. P.S. This series was completely crowdfunded through Kickstarter!

5. I Hate Being Single: Why do we love I Hate Being Single? Because it puts a unique, humorous spin on something that is super common: being single.

6. Squaresville: Remember that misfit teen who doesn’t know where life is taking them? We’ve all been there, and Squaresville chronicles this experience through Esther’s and Zelda’s point of view. It’s a must-watch.

7. Steffi: This web series follows Steffi, a girl whose life does a complete 180 when she goes from washing dirty dishes to performing on stage. Steffi, do you have any advice for us?

8. Runaways: This suspenseful web series takes a look at the lives of prep school pupils after the police find one student’s dead body. What happens next? Well, that’s why you have to watch ;)

9. The Haunting of Sunshine Girl: Ever wonder what our worst nightmare is? It’s basically the plot of this web series: A young girl and mom move into a new house where they experience paranormal activity.

10. Night School: Boarding school students are living the life with private planes and shopping sprees galore, but they also lead lives full of danger and betrayal. It’s a quick watch at only six episodes, so go ahead and give it a try!

What’s your favorite dramatic web series to watch on the Internet? Talk to us in the comments.