Whether she’s chatting about makeup, fashion, food or in this case, hair, MissGlamorazzi is a total YouTube sensation. With over three million subscribers, Ingrid Nilsen’s ever-so-popular YouTube channel has everything you want and more. Our favorite part of the Project Runway: Threads judge’s channel? She happens to *rule* at hair tutorials. Take a look at 10 of our faves, and get ready for some major hair envy.

1. Wavy Curls: Test out this tutorial on a day when you’re looking for soft, romantic curls. In this video, Ingrid throws in a DIY headband to this tutorial. Score!

2. Date Night: A chance to watch not one, not two but THREE quick and easy hair tutorials for date night? We can’t resist the play button.

3. Sweatproof Summer Hair: Yeah, it’s like, two degrees outside right now, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about summer. Check out this sweatproof hair (and makeup!) for those hot summer days.

4. Exposed Bobby Pins: Bobby pins that match your hair color are *so* 2014. This year, we plan on rocking colored bobby pins that stand OUT.

5. Holiday Updos: The holidays have come and gone, but you can wear these hairstyles any day. Say hello to your new go-to dinner party ‘do.

6. Lazy Girl Hair: Let’s be honest: This one’s perfect for all of us when we hit the snooze button one too many times and don’t have much time to tame the mane.

7. Hair Bow: How fun is this cute bow? Use a few bobby pins to knot up this look in a flash.

8. Second-Day Hair: We’re no stranger to second-day hair. With a little dry shampoo and a couple bobby pins or a hair donut, you can style your tresses in no time.

9. Cute + Easy: Cute AND easy? Sign. Us. Up. Especially since they’re perfect for shorter hair, because we all know everyone chopped their locks in 2014.

10. Running Late: Running late? No problem. Ingrid has all of your bases covered. She’s sharing tips on hair, makeup, outfits — heck, even a quick breakfast. We knew we loved her for a reason.

What’s your favorite MissGlamorazzi tutorial? Share with us in the comments below.