Ever wondered what we love to watch on YouTube? Well, besides the occasional cat video, we totally love a good web series. We’ve already shared our obsession with beauty gurus like Zoella and MissGlamorazzi, but there is so much more to this video sharing site than just beauty vids. From cooking shows to book reviews, we can’t get enough of these YouTubers’ cool content. Scroll on to see 16 of our faves.


1. My Drunk Kitchen: Curious as to what it’s like to be drunk in the kitchen and attempt an in-depth recipe? Yeah, Hannah Hart does that for a living. (via MyHarto)

2. Food with Fleur + Mike: This couple’s cooking web series is way fun to watch. In this video, Fleur and Mike show you how to make Mixed Seed and Apricot Flapjacks. Talk about deliciousness. (via Sainsbury’s Food)

3. FullyRaw Kristina: If you’re still going strong with your New Year’s resolution to eat healthy, then Kristina from FullyRaw Kristina is your girl. Like her title says, she prepares food that’s 100% raw. Yum! (via FullyRawKristina)

4. Farm to Table Family: Created by PBS, Patricia Wong’s show teaches us how to cook decadent, healthy meals that everyone can enjoy. We love that her videos are paired with cool music, so you can discover new musicians and new recipes. (via Farm to Table Family)


5. Birchbox vs. Ipsy: This one is a personal fave, because who doesn’t love monthly subscription boxes? This sister pair gives you a sneak peak inside Birchbox and Ipsy boxes each month in a battle-of-the-boxes showdown. (via EleventhGorgeous)

6. Get Ready with Me: If you’re in a rut with your normal routine, catch up on a few Get Ready with Me videos on YouTube. In this vid, Ingrid shows you how to get the perfect hair, makeup and outfit for a fall day. (via Ingrid Nilsen)

7. Head Cases: The comedic genius behind The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl has created this new series for ladies who are in search of hair help. She’s paired up with celebrity hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood to bring her natural hair skills to the masses. (via Issa Rae)


8. Glitterature: Looking for a good book for a lazy Sunday afternoon? Channel your inner bookworm and hop over to Elle Fowler’s channel for book reviews. (via Elle Fowler)

9. VlogBrothers: Yep, the really cool guy that wrote The Fault in Our Stars, John Green, is also a famous YouTuber, and so is his brother, Hank Green. Pretty cool, right? (via VlogBrothers)

10. Kids React: TheFineBros’ react videos are all-around awesome, but their Kids React vids take cute to a whole new level. (via TheFineBros)

11. Tipsy Book Review: We’ve fallen in love with ALL of Akilah, aka SmoothieFreak’s videos, but her tipsy book reviews have a special place in our heart. Watch this series for your next book pick or giggle along as she reviews your favorite read — either way, you won’t be disappointed. (via SmoothieFreak)


12. YouTuber Whispers Game: If you’re looking for a good laugh, then you HAVE to watch YouTuber Whispers. It’s such a simple concept, yet SO funny. (via ThatcherJoe)

13. PrankvsPrank: This BF and GF couple pulls pranks on each other and posts them online for everyone to see. Now that’s a relationship we want to be in. (via PrankvsPrank)


14. Morning Routines: These vids are weirdly addicting. There’s something about being nosey and seeing what other people do with their mornings that is fascinating. (via Bethany Mota)

15. How to Be Happy January: Between the beauty videos and book reviews, it’s good to get a little dose of inspiration. Nikki Phillippi puts out a series every January where she gives advice on leading the happiest life. Go take a look! (via Nikki Phillippi)


16. My Style Diary: Last, but certainly not least, everyone needs a little dose of fashion in their life — especially if it’s Carly Cristman’s style diary. (via Carly Cristman)

What is your favorite web series to watch on YouTube? Tell us in the comments below.