We all have that one person in our family or friend group that is never in pictures. They’re always taking the photos or they just don’t love being in front of the camera. Well, no more excuses! The newest camera innovation captures people from both sides of the lens: Behind the camera is now in front as well.


The Duo camera is basically two cameras in one. The two point-and-shoot cameras are connected at the center by two magnets. The cameras are super simple and intuitive: they’re easy to get apart and use and then put back together again.

When you push the button on either camera, both capture an image. You can turn off this function and use the Duo as a regular camera as well if you’re not trying to experiment with dual-shot capabilities. This camera basically takes the selfie to the next level, or lets you get retaliation on the overzealous photographer who never has any pictures of themselves. You can capture the same moment from two different perspectives, which we’re thinking is especially cool for surprise parties and engagements!

While we’re not sure we would use it as our main camera, it’s definitely a fun way to play around with the subject-photographer dynamic. We’re always those photographers that smile when we tell the subjects to say cheese… Now we can capture that :)

What’s your favorite way to play around while taking photos? Are we missing out on some crazy-cool photography innovation? Stop holding out on us — share your thoughts in the comments below!