If you’ve been jumping on the no-heat ways to style wet hair and lazy day hair accessories trends to avoid a morning meeting with your hair dryer, then we have some awesome news for you and your luscious mane. Dyson, the masters of super-techie vacuums and fans, are getting into the beauty biz with their first hair dryer, Deemed the Dyson Supersonic… which also happens to be the most expensive hair dryer in the world.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The company spent four years and $71 million on 600 prototypes in order to come up with the hair dryer that they feel is the BEST. Which is probably why it will be selling for a pricey $399.

So what could possibly make it worth so much? Well, looking more like the Dyson fans we’re familiar with rather than your typical hair dryer, the sleek Supersonic will have the ability to control its airflow, giving you a faster dry with more control. The dryer will also be able to stabilize its air temperature to avoid becoming too hot, which can damage your beautiful hair.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

But don’t think that’s all your $399 will get ya! The Supersonic also allows for magnetic attachments, including a styling concentrator, a smoothing nozzle and a diffuser, which is pretty darn nifty. Also, the motor is surrounded by acoustic silencers, making it the QUIETEST hair dryer ever (but not silent, the co. is quick to mention). According to The Verge, Dyson points out “it’s impossible to blow air through channels at high speeds and not make a noise.” Regardless of noise, the motor being in the handle of the dryer makes it lighter and easier to use too.

You’ll have to decide for yourself (and for your hair) whether it’s worth the investment.

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(Photo via @Dyson)