Some things in this world seem to exist solely to for the purpose of bringing a bit of joy into our lives. Enter, the white elephant party. From a colorful pair of sunnies to ninja men-shaped cookie cutters, these little, inexpensive finds are sure to get a smile out of, well, anyone. We may still be a few (guys, less than 100!) days away from the holidays, but it’s never too early to do some WTF white elephant gift shopping. Here are 20 of our recent obsessions.

Heart sunglasses

1. Heart Sunglasses ($10): Take these heart-shaped babies out to the streets and make a playful statement. Fun fact: This style actually dates back to prehistoric times. Crazy, right?!

Carrot whisk

2. Carrot Whisk ($15): With easy-to-clean silicone-coated wires and a super comfy handle, this Bugs Bunny-approved kitchen gadget is just as functional as it is whimsical. We guarantee it will bring a smile to your face while you prepare your next showstopping dessert.

Custom Pet pillow

3. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): We don’t discriminate. From iguanas to turtles, turn your pet into a custom-made pillow and take them with you wherever you go. One photo is all you need!

Frenchie Coozie

4. French Bulldog Beverage Insulator ($10): Feast your eyes on this, Frenchie lovers! This one size fits all (think wine, water bottles and everything in between) knit insulator will keep your hot drinks steaming and your cold drinks chilled in style.


5. T.G.I. Fryday Tank ($30): This clever tee is quirky yet still cozy. We love the idea of pairing it with something unexpected, like a bold, colorful skirt or a vibrant pair of printed pants.

Garden in a can

6. Garden in a Can ($10): Seeds, soil and a growing compound come pre-collected so you can skip the mess and fuss. Choose from basil, mint, tomato and chili pepper. Just add water!

Acronym Folders

7. Honest Acronyms File Folders ($9): Add some fun to filing with these witty folders. While filing probably still won’t become your favorite hobby, you’ll never see organizing paper the same way again.

Home storage system

8. Home Storage System ($20): Storage in a clever disguise. Give your home some vintage flare with these retro-inspired storage boxes. Choose from a clock, TV or row of encyclopedias. Stack a few of the latter and you’ve got yourself a world of storage masked as a home library.

Knuckle Tats

9. Knuckle Tattoos ($5): A self-described “4×6 sheet of pure gangsta,” this temporary ink will have you considering the real thing in no time.

Lena T

10. Lena Dunham Birthday Suit Tee ($55): Celebrate a leading lady who dares to challenge Hollywood’s expectations. Get yours in time for the next season airing this winter.

Llama tank

11. Como Se Llama Tank ($30): We take it back — an equally awesome play on words does exist. An ode to Spanglish speakers everywhere.

Luchador Bottle Opener

12. Luchador Bottle Opener ($8): Conceived as part of the Mexico Design Challenge, this bottle opener has been defeating non-twist bottle tops across the world ever since.

Ninja Cookie Cutters

13. Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters ($10): Don’t just cut, karate chop!

Nobody puts baby

14. Corner Towel ($24): This isn’t the definition Merriam-Webster gives, but it should be. Bonus: It’s eco-friendly too.

Parrot Citrus Knife

15. Parrot Citrus Knife ($13): We’re all about creative ways to re-think kitchen basics. Just imagine how much more fun it will be to cut up fruit with this brilliantly hued slicer.

Pinata card

16. Piñata Card ($5): This little guy comes in an envelope made from recycled material and is sure to give any birthday boy or girl a good laugh.

Pizza Socks

17. Pizza Socks ($14): We don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to wear such an awesome snack on their feet.

Pocket Monkey Tool

18. PocketMoney ($12): Toolboxes look a little bit basic compared to this 12-in-1 pocket tool shaped like a monkey.

Robot tea infuser

19. Robot Tea Infuser ($10): East meets west in this tech-y take on the ages-old process of tea making.

Taco flag

20. The Answer Is Always Tacos Pennant ($25): The universal cure-all for everything from broken hearts to bad Mondays, tacos really are the answer. This flag is made from wool felt for that classic varsity feel but updated with a modern message.

What’s your not-so-guilty guilty pleasure? Share in the comments below!