As part of our search for the Most Gifted Wrapper, we teamed up with Scotch® Brand to gather inspiration from a trio of the most creative women we know: Joy Cho, Jordan Ferney and Bri Emery.

From lovely ways to wrap the teeny tiniest of gifts to tricks for wrapping unusually shaped gadgets and gizmos, follow along to see how these bloggers got creative.

Joy Cho, Oh Joy!

In the words of our inner ’90s teen, we’ve been fans of Oh Joy! forever and a day. For this take on gift wrap, she took on the challenge of how to wrap unusually shaped gifts.

Forget the trap of throwing all of those crazy gifts into a gift bag. Instead, learn from Joy For jewelry, craft supplies and the like, you can use a mailer tube as the base container for a gift with tons of pieces. Then use Scotch® Double-Sided Tape to turn that tube into a piñata! Go with a festive and jolly pineapple for vases or mugs. And when we just need an out of the ordinary box to hold a variety of things, go with a lunchbox covered with googly eyes :)

Jordan Ferney, Oh Happy Day

Next up, we tasked the folks at Oh Happy Day with the challenge of creatively wrapping small gifts. Jordan started by picking a color palette to tie everything together, and then improvised from there.

From using Scotch® Gift Wrap Tape to turn gifts into festive bon bons to adding a touch of nature to your gifts, head here to see how to recreate your own take on these gorgeous gifts.

Bri Emery, DesignLoveFest

Last, we’ve got color lover Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest at bat. We are completely obsessed with the wrapping paper she used for this post, and kind of want to wallpaper our entire studio with it!

For Bri’s gift wrap tricks, it’s all about the surprise factor. Surprise gems, metallic edges and super cool cutouts. The punch out method is a particularly cool way to combine totally different patterns and colors, or even reuse old gift wrap. Scotch® Brand silver tape also makes for a great ribbon substitute!

What are your favorite ways to gift wrap? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Scotch® Brand.