If Instagram has taught us anything, it’s that people have a lot of things to take pictures of. No feed is complete without a snap of a #SundayFunday, #ThrowbackThursday or a #ShamelessSelfie. But there are some Instagram accounts that go beyond any hashtag. That’s why we’ve explored the strangest and most creative corners of our favorite social media app to bring you 16 themed accounts to make you laugh, smile and say, “Why does this even exist?” But that’s exactly why we love ’em.

1. @hotdoglegs: An Instagram favorite was turned into a viral fad: The #hotdoglegs. When you’re sitting outside catching some rays and you prop your legs just right, you’ll find that they resemble bunless hot dogs. And then you’ll get a good laugh.

2. @cintascotch: Artist Javier Pérez Estrella takes everyday objects and with a bit of doodling, turns them into reimagined works of art. A scroll through his feed can make you envision endless possibilities for pencil shavings.

3. @miserable_men: For many men, shopping is not something that’s done by choice. They’re dragged to a store by their wives, girlfriends, mothers or sisters and are forced to wait while their female counterparts go on a shopping marathon. These ‘grams capture men in those vulnerable moments of desperation and boredom.

4. @satiregram: On this Instagram feed, you’ll only see pictures of text — but they’re funny pictures of text. Each photo is a hand-written description of every Instagram cliche you can think of, from duck-face selfies to text screenshots and in this case, the fashionable shoe ‘gram. Let’s face it: We’re all guilty of at least one.

5. @bkstreetart: There’s a lot of street art on Instagram, but this NYC-based account takes the cake. From giant murals to sign stickers, this account proves that the streets of New York City are their own must-see attraction.

6. @thiswildidea: If you don’t know Theron and Maddie, then your Instagram feed needs an update right now. Theron is an amazing photographer and Maddie is his coonhound slash lovely muse. Together they travel the country getting into scenic adventures. You’ll fall in love… we guarantee it.

7. @richkidsofinstagram: The 1% may not be on Instagram, but their kids are. This blog-turned-book literally frames the gilded escapades of rich kids who have never known what it means to “brown bag it.”

8. @karlthefog: In case you didn’t know, San Francisco’s fog has a name… and an Instagram account. This delightful caption says it all: “San Francisco has 2 seasons: Me and anything else. I don’t like to talk about that other awful time of year so let’s focus on the best part which thankfully begins today. Happy June Gloom, you guys. It feels good to be home.”

9. @cashcats: LOLcats and Grumpy Cat have had their time to shine, but now it’s time for your new favorite Internet felines. Cash Cats is just what it sounds like, pictures of cats with lots of money and riches, and it’s hilarious.

10. @mensweardog: This New York City Shiba Inu has got GQ style that most human dudes only dream of. You’ll find him sporting the finest bow ties, beanies, blazers and bandanas.

11. @ohheyitschaz: Chaz Rorick started out posing as presidents, but now he’ll pose as anyone famous. With low-budget props and a great sense of humor, Chaz is mastering the flattering art of mimicry.

12. @cookingforbae: If you’re sick of salivating at delicious looking food porn, this account has the opposite effect. We all have those kitchen fails from time to time, so why not get a good laugh out of ’em? This is full of meal pics prepared with love, that unfortunately do not look appetizing. In some cases, they don’t even look like food at all.

13. @shavaunna: These frivolous Barbie doll heads go on rendezvous and get photographed by the paparazzi… kind of. We don’t know if this is funny because it’s creepy or if it’s just plain creepy.

14. @payphones: When was the last time you used a payphone? 1988? Never? What’s a payphone? This Instagram chronicles this endangered technology in what may be its final days in the wild.

15. @redhongyi: Her bio nails it, “Likes to paint, but not with a paintbrush.” Her gallery-worthy scenes are often made of food, but we’d never want to eat them. Can you frame food?

16. @darrylljones: If The Lego Movie and Toy Story taught us anything, it’s that toys know how to have a good time. Jones’ Storm Troopers prune basil trees, shovel watermelon and make hama bead self portraits. They’re men after our own hearts.

Do you have a favorite kooky Instagram account? Don’t hold out! We want to hear about it in the comments.