Macarons are totally enchanting. Delicate, melt in your mouth, and colorful, the French sandwich cookies *totally* best Easter candy any day. You can make macarons that look like unicorns or stick to something simpler but this Easter, channel your artistic side and make these 15 pretty macaron recipes.


1. Lemon Curd Macarons With Blueberries: These playful macarons taste of lemon and each has a surprise blueberry tucked inside. (via Bake No Fake)


2. Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches: Nothing’s better than two desserts packed into one. These delicate macarons are filled with ice cream to make a dessert that’s perfect for warm spring days. (via Honey & Butter)


3. Neapolitan Macarons: With these macarons, you don’t have to choose your favorite flavor. Chocolate and strawberry macarons sandwich vanilla buttercream for a dessert as pretty as it is tasty. (via Baking a Moment)


4. Vanilla Macarons With Raspberry Mousse: Vanilla cookies host a rich raspberry mousse filling in this recipe. (via Dirty Whisk)


5. Lavender Coconut Honey Macarons: Lavender, coconut, and honey combine to make an elegant dessert that will make you feel like you’re dining in Paris. (via Dirty Whisk)


6. Robin’s Egg Macarons: These macarons are classic in every way — except for one. They’re decorated to look like speckled robin’s eggs, helping to usher in spring. (via Whisk and Wander)


7. Salted Caramel Cream Macarons: These macarons stand out, and not just because of their flavor. Lavender macaron shells contrast beautifully with a golden salted caramel cream filling. (via Bake No Fake)


8. Unicorn Macarons: Everything tastes better when it looks this good. Colorful swirled macarons and frosting are topped with a pile of sprinkles for a dessert you’ll want to leave on display. (via Southern Fatty)


9. Simple Pink Macarons: You don’t need to be a star baker to make these macarons. They keep things simple flavor-wise, with some food coloring and sprinkles to add a splash of pizzazz. (via The Cupcake Chronicles)


10. Tiramisu Macarons: Coffee-flavored macaron shells are filled with a marsala-mascarpone filling and dusted with cocoa powder for a treat you won’t be able to stop dreaming about. (via Dani’s Cookings)


11. Almond Cherry French Macarons: All you need to know about these macarons is that they’re filled with marshmallow buttercream frosting. Oh yeah, and a juicy maraschino cherry for good measure too. (via Going for Grace)


12. Marbled Easter Macarons: Take a break from dyeing your eggs and make these macarons instead. Their marbled shells look just like tie-dye, and they’re tastier than any hardboiled egg could ever hope to be. (via Cook With Manali)


13. Easter Egg Macarons: The shape of these macarons will make you feel like celebrating. They’re topped with colorful icing and filled with Swiss meringue butter cream, so they’re just as tasty as they look. (via What Should I Make For…)


14. Black Cherry Macarons: We all feel a little more glam when we add some glitter to our look. It turns out the same goes for macarons — dusted with edible shimmer, they’re pretty hard to resist. (via Bakers Royale)


15. Malted Milk French Macarons: These macarons take a page out of your favorite Easter candy’s book. They look like speckled eggs, but are filled with a delicious malted milk cream filling. (via Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt)

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