Wondering what to do with that dreaded white space above the dessert table? Or what centerpiece should serve as a table runner? Balloon garlands aren’t just for arches; the party decor possibilities are basically endless. It’s time to bust out that helium tank or start prepping your breathing exercises, because you’re about to make some balloon magic.

Even if you’re not a total DIY queen, don’t let this easy peasy project intimidate you. Here’s all you need to get your ballooning on in six simple steps:

Materials and Tools:

  • string (or fishing wire)
  • scissors
  • balloons in the colors and sizes of your choice. (The arch pictured is 6 feet long and used 41 standard size balloons)
  • real or faux flowers and foliage, as desired


1. Inflate your balloons.

2. Tie a 3-inch piece of string around the knot of each balloon, making sure they’re secure.

3. Cut a piece of string the length you’d like your garland to be. You may find it easier to elevate your string off the ground somehow by tying it to the backs of two chairs, but assembling it on a tabletop works just fine too.

4. Starting from the middle of the long piece of string, tie each balloon on, then slide it up to fit snuggly to the others.

5. Continue to add and slide the balloons, alternating colors and sizes as you like. The more balloons you add, the more sturdy the garland becomes — just be sure to pack the balloons tightly next to one another.

6. Once you’re finished with the balloons, stick flowers and foliage in the gaps between the balloons and tape them in place. These additions not only bring bonus charm, but are a great way to cover up any string that’s still visible.

Allow between one to two hours (just to leave room for wine breaks!) to create your masterpiece. You can also assemble it a day or two before your shindig — just opt for high-quality, pearlised balloons that’ll last long after the guests depart.

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