It doesn’t get more unique than emerald engagement rings. Not only do they stray from the traditional diamond, but emeralds also have inclusions — or shall we say beautiful imperfections — that make each stone one of a kind (literally), according to Soho Gem. The jewelry store predicted that 2015 would be the year of the emerald, so if you’re expecting a proposal this year, nudge your significant other to check out May’s birthstone. Although emerald isn’t quite as hard as a diamond or sapphire, it still ranks up there for stones that are meant to last a lifetime. Here are 24 emerald rings that will make you say yes to this stunning green gemstone.

1. Emerald Engagement Ring With Diamonds ($1,799): This rhombus-shaped ring features a beautiful pattern of diamonds as well as emeralds for the bride who wants a little icing too.

2. Solitaire Emerald Ring ($1,530): The minimalist bride will adore this simple yet elegant gold and emerald ring. Wear it solo or jazz things up by adding an intricate wedding band.

3. Emerald Engagement Ring With Pave Diamonds Crown ($1,400): This ring is fit for a princess, with a crown of diamonds surrounding a pear-shaped emerald. It pairs perfectly with a curved gold wedding band over top.

4. Marquise Emerald Ring ($175): Affordable and beautiful — can’t beat that. This marquise emerald has a hammered mounting around the stone for a modern, delicate look.

5. Emerald Engagement Ring ($176): Brides who want to stack their milestone rings will fall for this gold band featuring a tiny but powerful emerald.

6. Rose Engagement Ring ($1,000+): This emerald is center stage amid gold rose petals and leaves. On your wedding day, add the gold leaves band for an even more nature-centered look.

7. Emerald Engagement Ring With Diamond Accents ($348): Brides born in the ’80s will be fans of this throwback from the decade. The emerald is surrounded by a halo of diamonds to create a flowery look.

8. Diamond and Emerald Wedding Band ($700): This ring is set with eight round diamonds and five princess-cut emeralds, creating an interesting pattern. The yellow gold band completes the look.

9. Emerald Wedding Ring ($1,180): The emeralds in this ring glow beautifully against the gold setting. It’s the perfect choice for stacking with other colorful gems like sapphires.

10. Colette Emerald ($2,850): Featuring a 1.8-carat emerald, this ring is set in a rose cut made of recycled yellow gold for an organic feel.

11. Nicci March 2013 ($1,600): This cushion-cut emerald takes on a sparkling teal shade and is surrounded by a wavy band. Bonus design detail: The stone is set with four yellow gold leaves.

12. May Birthstone Ring ($409+): This round-cut emerald has a forest green hue and is surrounded by diamonds and set in rose gold for a royal look.

13. Five Stone Front Ring ($350): If one emerald isn’t enough, try your hand at five round emeralds set in silver. Or you can buy the ring with accent stones in anything from white sapphire to garnet.

14. Emerald and Baguette Diamond Halo Cocktail ($3,248): This vintage-inspired sparkler offers a unique starburst look for any bride who doesn’t mind being the center of attention.

15. Antique Emerald Ring ($4,750): Brides who like antique rings will fall for this art deco number from the 1920s. The platinum stunner has European-cut diamonds and accents of emerald.

16. Raw Columbian Emerald ($985): This ultra modern ring with a simple emerald crystal is perfect for brides who like to make a statement but don’t want a big center stone.

17. Rough Emerald Ring ($66): For a trendy look, try this rough emerald with a green-gray hue that matches wonderfully with the silver setting. The understated elegance of this one is perfect for a low-maintenance bride-to-be.

18. Emerald With Diamond Halo Ring ($5,200): This ring is classic and elegant, which means it will never go out of style. Just like you and your SO.

19. Cushion-Cut Emerald and Diamond ($38,500): For just a *bit* more money, invest in this cushion-cut emerald flanked by diamonds. The center stone is an impressive 4.9 carats.

20. The Misu Ring ($1,225): This ring is ultra-colorful, featuring a tried-and-true emerald surrounded by rich pink tourmaline. The wrapped gold surrounding the stones adds a modern element for the non-traditional bride.

21. Antique Engagement Ring Art Deco ($9,810): Here’s another vintage ring that proves emeralds are a girl’s best friend. The center emerald is surrounded by diamonds, with two additional emeralds on the sides for good measure.

22. Raw Emerald Engagement Ring ($950): For a raw look, opt for this blue-green triangular emerald in a hammered gold setting. Totally unique.

23. Oval Engagement Ring ($389+): This ring features a pave setting with diamonds galore to add to the beauty of the deep-green center stone.

24. Princess Cut Emerald Ring ($189): This untreated sea foam emerald glows against two silver bands. Bonus: The stone was ethically sourced from East Africa.

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