When we’ve got green all around us in the outdoors, it becomes one of those colors you love or you don’t. But no matter how common it may be, we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for that gorgeous shade of green. It easily brings bright and deep tones together in the kind of decorating perfection that we want allllll over our homes. Get ready to achieve that “Emerald City” look with these 10 awesome decor ideas inspired by May’s birthstone.

1. Plush Sofa: There’s nothing more inviting than velvet. So if you’re sofa shopping or considering having the one you own reupholstered, definitely go for green velvet. (via Decor Pad)

2. Paint the Walls: Can’t get enough of that lovely bright green? Go ahead and paint with it any place you please. (via SF Girl By Bay)

3. Emerald Front Door: Why not welcome guests to your emerald paradise with this bright front door? It will certainly catch the eyes of all passersby. (via One Kings Lane)

4. Giant Rug: We’ve pretty much decided that a green rug will go in any room. It’s the perfect piece to give an outdoorsy-yet-modern feeling to any space. (via Because I’m Addicted)

5. Bright Cabinets: Aren’t you just loving the colorful-cabinet trend? We’re all over these bright emerald ones. (via Decor Pad)

6. Bold Tiles: It could be your bathroom floor or it could be your kitchen backsplash. Either way, choosing emerald tile is sure to make a big statement. (via Apartment Therapy)

7. Lot of Plants: Are you looking for some emerald that’s a little more temporary? Try filling your home with some leafy green friends. (via Old Brand New)

8. Dining Chairs: You’ll feel like a queen of Oz while sitting on these green chairs during dinner. (via BHG)

9. Patterned Textiles: Pillows, curtains, bedding — if you can find it in emerald green, we say go for it. (via Decor Pad)

10. Gorgeous Green Glass: Green glass is IN with a vengeance. So head to your local thrift store and pick some up for yourself. (via Traditional Home)

Are you an emerald fan? How do you decorate with the bright green shade? Tell us your tips below!