Being pregnant can be one of the most exciting times in life (minus the sickness!), but prepping for baby can also be extremely overwhelming. One of the first things young moms-to-be hear about are prenatal vitamins to help with in-utero nutrition. Have you ever taken prenatal vitamins? Yuck. They’re hard-to-swallow, giant, chalky horse pills that are, unfortunately, a necessity to helping your baby get all the vitamins they need.

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But thanks to the ladies of Blue Print Cleanse, there’s a new solution that will leave you with no excuse for not taking your vitamins: Erzo Foods. Erzo vitamin biscuits are made with organic grains, have no artificial sweeteners, are less than 200 calories per serving and have a ton of fiber in them.

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Similar to prenatal gummies and pills, there are over 15 vitamins in each cookie. The biscuits come in flavors such as oat, strawberry and greek yogurt, ginger, apple cinnamon and even a gluten-free option. Erzo recommends spreading them with your favorite nut butter or crushing them up in yogurt, and you can even buy a 30-day supply to make sure you never miss a biscuit.

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The company is also socially conscious: For every box bought, a box will be given to a woman in need of prenatal vitamins in underserved countries around the world through their non-profit, Vitamin Angels. That’s a win-win-win situation right there!

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(Images via @erzofoods)