We know a lot of companies out there are trying to make things better for their employees at work, such as instituting a 4-day work week, allowing your pup at work and helping you control your work-life balance. There’s one thing that’s rarely done well and still is stigmatized at work, though — pregnancy. But Anna Steffeney and her company LeaveLogic want to change that for you.


While working overseas in Germany, Steffeney got a full YEAR of maternity leave for her first child. But when they moved back to the states, Steffeney’s time off was measly in comparison The contrast emphasized how taboo it is to deal with pregnant women in the workplace in America, and this shift in attitude inspired her to launch LeaveLogic, which aims to help big companies manage parental leave better.

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The platform is simple: It offers a more personalized approach to parental leave. By managing it through a portal, parents feel less ashamed to be seeking out this information from their employer — and in turn, they seek out the information sooner, which helps with an overall retention plan. (The average cost of replacing a worker is 1.5 times their salary, making replacements extremely costly.) The platform can help you prepare finances, define your career path and plan for childcare, and can even help with prenatal health. Through a more integrated approach, companies can retain their top talent and help with overall efficiency and costs.


With big companies shifting toward a more understanding parental leave approach (Facebook allows 17 weeks and a cash stipend, while Netflix just announced unlimited parental leave), we can’t help but think of this as a cost-effective, positive, and downright pleasant way to work. The website is launching this fall, so sign up to learn more here.

What’s something you’d like to see offered as part of parental leave? Tell us in the comments!