Everyone loves the romantic idea of a cross-country road trip, but if roughing it in the back of your friend’s car doesn’t sound ideal, how about trying something different? Say… a moving log cabin?

This classic wood cabin is completely portable, providing all the comforts of home, anywhere you take it. The project began when visitors to Canoe Bay, a lakeside resort, started asking for their own versions of the area’s iconic cabins. The desire to transform the homes into environmentally-friendly, efficient and easily transportable living spaces ultimately led to the Escape Cabin.

The Escape Cabin is technically considered an RV, thanks to its small size of just 400 square feet. But that means these homes can go literally anywhere, from Aruba to Alaska. If you ever have to move, your house can come with you.

The bedroom fits a king-sized mattress, the bathroom has a full tub and the kitchen has a full-sized fridge as well as a stove. The idea that small spaces can actually be big and bright is put to the test here, and the results prove that it’s possible for a tiny home to look gorgeous.

Another sweet bonus? The home can hook up to solar power and draw heat from a high-efficiency fireplace for a house that’s energy-efficient as well as space-savvy.

The cabins, which need to be custom ordered, start at $57,000. So whether you have a little piece of land you’re looking to settle on, or simply want to travel around the country with all the comforts of home, doing so is finally possible.

Would you use one of these Escape Cabins? Where would you take it?