The all-American road trip — it’s a quintessential right of passage that every true adventurer embarks on at some point in their lives. But save your maps for decorating your home. There are a ton of helpful travel apps to plan the perfect getaway, and the latest to hit the scene is Roadtrippers, still in beta.

Roadtrippers is available both online and as an app, free on both Android and iOS. Providing suggested stops along your trip, the tool combines the functionality of GPS with the fun of exploration. All you have to do is plug in your destination and use their top of the line route planning technology to begin plotting out your travels.

Don’t have a destination in mind? That’s cool, let their well-researched travel guides fill you in on must-see sights. Roadtrippers prides itself on providing a travel experience to suit any and everyone’s tastes. Whether you’re looking for the classic Americana tour of Route 66 or a travel guide to the best bacon spots in the states, Roadtrippers has you covered. We personally can’t wait to check out the Top Fall Foliage Roadtrips from the Travel Channel.

Even if you decide to map our your own trip, the application offers you tips on everything from sightseeing destinations, delicious diners and hip lodging along your way. You can even interact with other users by viewing and writing reviews for the places you experience along the way. Bring Roadtrippers along for the ride, and you’re sure to be embarking on one epic road trip.

What are your favorite travel apps? Let us now in the comments below!