If you’re a city dweller like most of us here at Brit + Co., then we bet the one house perk that you’re missing right about now is a built-in fireplace to snuggle up to. You can tell we are—we just hacked a chic faux fireplace out of washi tape, and have been known to swoon over beautiful mobile hearths, whether they’re in working condition or not! We’re continuing to indulge in our flame fascination with these 15 high-design fireplace accessories fit for a modern home. Trust us: while a collection of screens, racks, and log holders may sound incredibly rugged, these pieces are insanely modern and super sleek.

1. Fire Tools by Arik Levy ($305): Angled, rubber handles add modern flair to this traditional set of fireplace tools. They’re made of aluminum, which means they’re lighter than you’d expect, and the come with this cool bucket!

2. Log Wood Basket ($183): This modern log basket’s seamless design makes it both easy to handle and easy on the eyes. The contrast between the chunky, natural wood and thin, metal frame makes it almost like a piece of art.

3. Comnune Arrow Fireplace Screen ($1,900+): Commune Design boasts a portfolio of some seriously high-design home wares, including this amazing handmade fireplace screen. This steel piece is hand finished in bronze patina, adding a true artisan touch.

4. Nuvola Glass Log Rack ($728): Yes,this log rack is made out of glass, which means you have to have the strength of a lumber jack and the delicate touch of a ballerina in order to fill it. We love the idea that it doubles as a side table.

5. Modern Fireplace Tool Set ($550): Now this is one handsome set of fireplace tools! Made of leather-wrapped, steel concrete stakes, these three tools are guaranteed to tame even the most laborious logs.

6. Stick Lighter ($40): These small, super mod square lighters are perfect for lighting fireplace starters, as well as candles and incense. If you’re looking for a lighter that’s a little more glam, they also come in three metallic finishes!

7. Pine Kindling Sticks ($34): This all-natural firestarter kit contains strips of sustainable pine stumps, which is the part of the tree that holds the highest concentration of flammable resin. The rustic burlap container is all kinds of cute.

8. Tape Log Rack ($995): Got some wall space by your fireplace? Then this hanging log rack is a great space-saving option. The sleek, painted steel rack can hold up to 140 pounds, so stock up all at once!

9. Rings Fireplace Andirons ($79): We love how the open design of these multi-ring andirons elevate this fireplace must-have from super clunky to totally chic.

10. Iron Cabin Log Holder ($248+): What can we say? We’re suckers for geometric anything, and that includes log holders! These iron frames are the the perfect mix of modern and rustic aesthetics.

11. Gautier 1 Panel Iron Fireplace Screen ($645): This might be our favorite fireplace screen out there. We love how the swirling, hand-twisted iron bars resemble flickering flames.

12. Fireplace Color-Changing Cones in Bucket: ($30): If you’re like us, by now you’re itching for some color to pop up in this roundup! So we were thrilled to stumble upon these color-changing fireplace pine cones. Just toss ‘em into your fire and they’ll turn the flames into beautiful blazes of green and blue that last up to 10 minutes per cone.

13. Modern Weave Oversize Storage Bin ($89): Full disclosure, we have a slight obsession with woven baskets. There’s something about that element of craftsmanship that really amps us up! This rattan peel bin is blackwashed to give it added texture, though we’d take the liberty to spray paint the bottom half gold for an extra luxe look!

14. Two Piece Andrion ($850): Here’s another super slick two-piece andrions set. Its no-fuss design makes this set compatible with nearly any modern fireplace.

15. Extra Long Match Shaped Candle Flame Refillable Butane Lighter ($8): We just couldn’t resist ending this roundup on a thoroughly amusing note. It’s a lighter that’s shaped like a match! It sure got a LOL out of us!

Do you consider design when you’re buying tools like you would for the fireplace? Tell us in the comments below!