As the weather starts to cool, there are few things better than coming home after a long day and sinking into a warm tub. Throw in some salts or bath bombs and you can finally melt your stress away. Luxuriating in a bubble bath with a book, candles or wine is the ultimate way to unwind. But what takes it to the next level is a spa-worthy soak.

And that’s where these clawfoot tubs come in, also known as the bathtubs of our dreams. Sophisticated, colorful and powerful, they are definitely a worthy bathroom centerpiece. Here are 22 tubs that caught our attention, and maybe a little bit of bathroom envy. We’d love to have any of these to come home to.

1. Purple Elegance: This royal purple matte tub is fit for a queen. Since this will definitely be the focal point of your bedroom, mute other colors in the space for contrast and to keep your eyes from getting overwhelmed. This is your spa after all (via Building Scheme)

2. Blue Tiles, White Accents: Blue is a calming color for a reason; we feel relaxed just looking at this bathroom. The fantastic mosaic accent wall and pale, grey blue tub are perfect additions to any bath sanctuary. (via Interior Design 2014)

3. Bright and Sunny: If you’re not a cheery morning person, painting your bathroom this golden marigold shade might be the colorful jolt of energy you need in the morning. The crayon-like drawings on the side of the tub are a cool child-like touch to bring in some more color. (via Interior Design 2014)

4. Farmhouse Charm: Whitewashed slats and a white tub might feel a little sterile at first, until you notice all the natural light coming in. And we love the way the curtains turn your tub into a private soaking room. You can easily bring this simple charm into your home by going for an all white theme with some softer beige accents. (via Design Sponge)

5. Standalone on Golden Legs: Well, it’s called a centerpiece for a reason, right? And with stately golden lion’s legs, a tub like this should be displayed front and center. (via Habee)

6. Vintage Mint: Clawfoot tubs, some would argue, are relics of the past. So why not find your dream tub for a fraction of the cost by scouring the thrift and second hand stores in your neighborhood? You might stumble upon a tub like this minty green, apothecary-inspired basin. (via Poetic Home)

7. Under the Rafters: Skylights are the best way to bathe under the stars and this bathroom takes advantage. The green paint and the pale green tub complement the natural light that comes in through the window. So yes, this is pretty much our dream bathroom. (via Umami Girl)

8. Forest Green: If you have plenty of light in your bathroom, contrasting all that brightness with a darker tub is a sophisticated and elegant way to bring color into your space. Pair this dark forest green with white shower curtains and pale neutrals to make its rich color stand out. (via Apartment Therapy)

9. Dark and Mysterious: This look isn’t for your average tub owner, but that doesn’t make it any less seductive. There’s something old-fashioned about stepping into a black bath surrounded by dark walls. We’d definitely be willing to ditch the bright colors for this sophisticated look. (via Delight by Design)

10. Under the Sea: When you sink into a bath, it’s easy to pretend you’re relaxing in a pool or at the beach. This tub will help you along with those dreams, thanks to some beautiful designs on its exterior. It’s unusual to see paintings on bathtubs but we are definitely open to that kind of change. (via Vizimac)

11. White Limestone Hardwood Floors: Don’t attempt this tub and room combo unless you’re absolutely sure of the integrity of both your tub and your hardwood floors. But once that’s squared away, this sleek limestone and resin tub with gilded silver legs finds a perfect home on that gorgeous mahogany. (via This Old House)

12. Black and White: This color scheme forces you to focus on the star of the show: that deep, gorgeous tub. Place a few candles on a window within reach, soak into the water, and treat yourself to a perfect evening of spa treatment and relaxation. (via Remodeaholic)

13. Silver Grandeur: You’ll want a long luxurious soak in this tub. It’s deep enough to practically fit the entire family (though we don’t recommend it). Add some color, and maybe throw in a bright bath shelf and you’ll never want to leave. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

14. Creamy Yellow Elegance: A buttery yellow tub for a soothing bath full of moisturizing aromatics? Um. Yes. We’d like to melt into one of these right away please. (via Vizimac)

15. Loud and Clear: Speaking of yellow, this room is about as far an opposite as you can get from the subdued tones of the elegant example above. But if you share your bathroom with children, or just love bright colors (hey, we get that), then this checked bathroom and shocking yellow basin might be the perfect bold statement for you. (via Cal Finder)

16. By the Beach: We adore this bright white tub almost as much as its copper pipes. Whoever designed this bathroom is a genius at matching colors from nature to the ones in paint, metal, and porcelain. We think the final result is a perfet oasis, don’t you? (via Defogitall)

17. Deep Sea Blue: This interior is a little dark, but we think the richer shade makes it even more special. The deep blue is soothing and we like how the tub’s legs are closer to the middle, rather than jutting out of the edges. It makes the room feel more contained, with more space to breath. (via Yellow Sub Studio)

18. Seeing Red: If you’re like us and love flashy and surprising colors, this is the tub for you. The matte coral red reminds us of our favorite red lipstick. The gorgeously detailed wallpaper could entertain us for hours while we lounge in the bubbles. (via Interior Design 2014)

20. Renaissance Tiles and Bold Blue: Lordy those tiles are gorgeous. Time to make a mental note that black and white tiles will be the future of bathroom trends. The pop of royal blue from the bathtub adds a slightly middle eastern flare to your steamy spa room. (via Domaine Home)

21. Made of Stone: The roughly hewn feet on this tub match the country feeling of the exposed stone and whitewashed floorboard. If you like ruggedness, this bathroom is ready to become your new haven. (via Cal Finder)

22. Peppy Pops of Color: We saved what we think is the brightest bathroom for last. The tub is a classic elegant white basin with silver feet, but it comes to life alongside yellow and turquoise. Perfect for a kid’s room or brightening up a dull space with a pop of color, this fun space is sure to hold plenty of memories. (via Elliots Pour House)

Which of these tubs would be your favorite to unwind in after a long day? Got any gorgeous tub designs of your own to share? Tell us below!