Essential oils are a do-everything, natural beauty-lover’s dream! These mega multi-taskers can do everything from enhance mood and sooth stress to fight illness and boost beauty. And this time of year, when we’re all running from one festive occasion to the next (with little to no downtime), who doesn’t need a little pick-me-up. With the help of fragrance expert and artnaturals Executive Manager, Mary Delgado, we’re rounding up the essential oils you need this season.


1. Eucalyptus: Feeling like you’re coming down with something? Before you start popping Sudafed, try a DIY cold remedy or an at-home facial steam with eucalyptus. Its anti-inflammatory and herbaceous aroma will help de-stuff and clear congestion.


2. Lavender: The holidays are full of festivities. Sometimes all this excitement can leave you in desperate need of some quality ZZZs. Lavender is known for its relaxing benefits (AKA it can help deliver a seriously restful nights’ sleep). Diffusing lavender oil in the evening will imbue your home with a sense of calm. Mix up a lavender lullaby spray (a few drops of lavender essential oil with purified water) and spritz it on your pillow to sail you straight to dreamland.


3. Peppermint: When late nights and booze are involved, hangovers tend to ensue. Whether your headache is brought on by partying, parental stress or pretty much anything else, peppermint oil can help. Simply, combine a few drops of peppermint and lavender oil and rub into temples in a circular motion. We’re not saying you should toss out Advil altogether, but if there’s only space for one, we’d pick peppermint oil.


4. Tea Tree: The holidays are full of photo opps. The key to keeping your complexion camera-ready at all times? Tea tree oil combats blemish-causing bacteria, guaranteeing your skin stays blemish-free all season (and beyond). All that’s left to do is grab your selfie stick and get to snapping.


5. Frankincense: Get in the yuletide spirit with the Wise Men’s wonderfully aromatic gift. With its complex, earthy scent and ability to increase spiritual awareness, frankincense is perfect for high vibe skincare. Add a few drops to your go-to body lotion to enhance your spiritual connection and your skin. Looking for a holiday gift for your New Age bestie? A frankincense oil perfume with crystals is sure to delight.


6. Cinnamon: The alluring, slightly spicy aroma of cinnamon screams wintertime! Cinnamon essential oil (which BTW is far more potent than the dried spice) is prized for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial abilities. Combine with a few drops of a carrier oil (like jojoba or sweet almond) and add it to your bath. Turn on some tunes and let this ancient wonder work its health-promoting magic.


7. Rosemary: Want your locks to look their best for all your get-togethers? Try adding rosemary essential oil to your fave shampoo. Be sure to give your scalp a good massage to help stimulate the follicles. Not only will it improve your tresses, but your mood too!

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