Without a doubt, crystals and gemstones have been a rising trend for their beauty, but also for their healing properties. Coming from a family who has practiced aromatherapy for many years and getting first-hand blending advice from my grandmother and founder of Hawaiian Essential, Francis Hodge, I’ve been privy to some well-kept secrets about what goes into creating such special formulas. And now, I’m super stoked to share this knowledge with you, along with my own special blends. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we decided what better time to create a series of sensual scents that combine aromatherapy with the crystal craze? Read on for your affordable, approachable guide to creating your very own travel size roll-on crystal oil perfume!


How to Make Roll-On Oil Blends

The process is the same for each oil. What sets each option apart is the custom blends you’re able to create. The options are endless, and you can continue to explore the more you learn about each of the oil and crystal properties.


 – essential oils

fractionated coconut oil
chosen crystal
plastic transfer pipettes
transparent glass roller bottles
– hammer

Now, let’s do this!


The first thing you want to do is use a hammer to break down your crystals, unless you already have small pieces that will fit into the roll-on bottle. Pro tip: Wrap each crystal in a piece of fabric and hammer over the fabric on a cement surface, instead of hammering directly onto the crystal. This will keep the pieces from flying all over the place.

Next, choose your favorite pieces and place them into the bottle. Using the transfer pipette, fill the bottle with the fractionated coconut oil, leaving a quarter inch or so at the top so you can add your oil blends. Finally, add your essential oils in by dripping them directly into the bottle. To finish off, fill up any remaining space with more of the fractionated coconut oil, add the roller top and cap it off.

Here are four recipes I created for you!


Sensual Sanctuary

This blend has to be my personal favorite. Each scent on its own is absolutely divine and worthy of wearing by itself, but the combined essence of these oils together creates a tingling sensation throughout the body (I can attest to this personally, and so can about a dozen ladies at Brit + Co). This is the ultimate sensual blend, and I’ve noticed how it changes in scent depending on each individual’s pheromones. The black tourmaline inspired this scent, because when you feel good on the inside with flowing positive thoughts and emotions, you are more attractive and vibrant to those around you.



Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (2-3 drops): Has a calming and euphoric effect while possessing aphrodisiac properties

Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil (4-5 drops): Helps with balance and invokes a romantic, sensual vibe

Frankincense Essential Oil (2-3 drops): An uplifting aroma that grounds and calms you; helps with meditation

Black Tourmaline: Great for protection and bringing light throughout your body to turn negative thoughts and emotions into a more positive perspective


Ravishingly Romantic

This romantic blend will have you and your boo in a trance-like state with the vulnerability to reawaken your heart, among other things ;)



Bergamot Essential Oil (2-3 drops): Known to open your heart chakra; has a calming effect on both the mind and body

Neroli Essential Oil (2-3 drops): A citrus-scented oil that can help activate an openness to your true desires and internal truth

Rose Essential Oil (4-5 drops): An arousing, stimulating smell that works with your pheromones to enhance your personal scent

Rose Quartz: This is the crystal of unconditional love.


Tantalizing Tranquility

There are those moments in life when we just sort of want to settle into our own state of mind, and that in itself can offer a certain confidence in our sensuality. This blend is formulated to help your senses relax and find that space. While this blend may be simple, the combination of these two oils with the amethyst pack a punch, and its effects are undeniable.



Lavender Essential Oil (3-6 drops): Is calming, relaxing and pairs well with many scents to offer a balanced finish.

Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil (4-5 drops): Helps balance, and invokes a romantic, sensual vibe.

Amethyst: A natural tranquilizer that relieves stress, aids in positive thinking and helps to bring your dreams into a lucid state


Lovers’ Lust

For those moments when you’re feeling like you want to allow your heart to open, or if you’re struggling with being vulnerable and need a little assistance, this uplifting blend of oils will take you there. The clear quartz activates this blend, taking you to an elevated and positive frame of mind.



Patchouli Essential Oil (1-3 drops): Has a sweet citrus scent; great for self-confidence mood elevation

Wild Orange Essential Oil (2-3 drops): Uplifting and mood-elevating, with the ability to aid in creativity and vision

Geranium Essential Oil (3-4 drops): Has a rose-scented aroma and evokes a sensual vibration

Lavender Essential Oil (2-3 drops): Is calming, relaxing and pairs well with many scents to offer a balanced finish

Clear Quartz: Is a master healing stone and helps ward off negative energy while promoting balance


You can use any line of essential oils in these formulas. They sell them at stores like Whole Foods or your local health market. Let your intuition and a little research guide you. There are endless ways to learn more about each oil and stone, so you can create endless blends that are customized for yourself and your friends. Have fun and get lost in the creative flow for the best results!


We would love to see what you create, share your recipes and tag us on Instagram!