Amy Schumer is not about that diet life in this exclusive deleted scene from the I Feel Pretty Blu-ray, which is available starting Tuesday, July 17.

After suffering a bump on the head, Renée (Schumer) gains a new perspective on her body and begins to live her life free from the bonds of body-image issues. When she sits down for a meal with her work friends and notices that they’re both trying to control their weight using some questionable diet fads, she gives them some advice based on her years of experience.

“Let me guess, eight-day juice cleanse,” she says as one friend sips a green concoction and nods. “I’ve been there. And then every night they give you that sweet little almond milk and it’s supposed to be like a treat at the end of the day, but it really just feels like an eff you.”

Then Renée notices what her other dining companion has pulled out. “Oh, I know what you have,” she says. “Is that garcinia cambogia?” When the woman confirms that it is, Renée tells her, “Tried that too. It does, like, nothing for your metabolism. It just, like, confuses you. And beware if you have any burning sensation in your abdomen, because that is liver failure.” Yikes!

“I look at you and I just want to hug you because I have so been there,” she continues sympathetically. “I tried all of it. And then I realized, I can just eat whatever I want and still look like this.” Totally feeling herself, she adds, “Shout-out to my genetic make-up. So blessed!”

I Feel Pretty will be available on Blu-ray July 17.

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(photo via Mark Schafer/Motion Picture Artwork)