You鈥檝e packed the sunscreen, have an extra pair of water wings, and are toting a beach bag filled with fluffy, puffy towels. With your gear in tow, you鈥檙e ready for a family fun pool day. But even though you have the basics, you might need some extras 鈥 just to make sure that absolutely everyone in your family has the awesomely good time that they deserve. Before heading out for a day of poolside sun, check out the little additions that might just make your fab day even better.

A mother and her toddler swim together

1. Water, Water, and More Water: The pool has plenty of water, but none of it is drinkable. If your tot gets thirsty (which they will), you might not want to pay the over-the-top prices at the pool鈥檚 snack bar for a plain ol鈥 water. Bring along a few chilled bottles to keep your family hydrated on a hot day. If you pop the bottles into the freezer before leaving, the ice will melt but the water will stay cold as the day goes on, or fill an insulated reusable water bottle with ice cold water and it鈥檒l keep cool for hours. And when the bottles are empty, you can easily refill them at a drinking fountain.

2. Lots of Loose Change: The lockers in the pool鈥檚 changing room are your new BFF. Instead of lugging your gear around, now you can stash it away until you need it. That is, you could, if you鈥檇 brought quarters to rent a little locker. Bring as much loose change as you can comfortably fit in the pocket of your purse or pool bag. The kids can use what鈥檚 left over to buy snack bar treats.

3. Sunglasses for Everyone: Summertime eyewear is much more than a fashion statement: UV-blocking shades keep your eyes safe from the sun鈥檚 damaging rays. The same goes for your kiddo too. You wouldn鈥檛 let your tot sit outside all day without sunscreen on. Pack a pair of UV-rated sunglasses for each family member to ensure that everyone is protected.

4. A First-Aid Kit: Yes, it鈥檚 true that there are trained lifeguards all over the local community pool. And it鈥檚 a good bet that they have plenty of bandages, gauze, alcohol wipes, and other first-aid goodies. But that teeny tiny little scrape your two-year-old gets (you know, the one that you can barely even see but somehow turns into a major tragedy in your child鈥檚 mind) might not warrant a full-fledged emergency response. Instead, grab a bandage from your bag and save the day yourself.

A mother holds her child on a dividing wall in a pool

5. Kids鈥 Clothes With SPF Included: Swimwear doesn鈥檛 have to leave your little one鈥檚 delicate skin exposed. If your kiddo can鈥檛 stand to slather on sun protection or runs when you whip out the sunscreen spray, SPF-included swim gear covers your child up and provides added defense.

6. Extra Shopping Bags or Reusable Waterproof Bags: You鈥檙e not thrilled about your tot spending the 15-minute drive home sitting in a damp suit. Heck, you鈥檙e not thrilled about wearing a wet swimsuit in the car either. Instead of balling up your pool-wear and shoving it into your purse, bring along a few bags to stash your suits in.

7. A Complete Change of Clothes: Everyone has a cover-up or tee with them, so you don鈥檛 need a full extra set of clothes, right? Even though you might set out on your pool day with every intention of returning home immediately afterward, that won鈥檛 always happen. There鈥檚 always a chance that you鈥檒l end up at the park, drop by a friend鈥檚 house, or head off to see the latest kiddie flick, so take a full change with you.

8. Some Simple Snacks: Will your kiddo want the sugary churros from the poolside snack bar? Yes. Do you want them to dine on not-so-healthy treats all day long? Probably not. Pack fresh fruit, cut veggies, or a few other nutritious snacks in your pool bag. Make sure to keep them in sealed containers to keep the bugs and other outdoor critters away.

9. At Least One Extra Towel: Bringing towels to the pool is a no-brainer 鈥 you really don鈥檛 need anyone to remind you that you鈥檒l need something to dry off with. But don鈥檛 stop at one towel per family member. At some point someone鈥檚 towel won鈥檛 dry out in enough time to use for a second round of swimming, or big sister will toss little bro鈥檚 towel into the pool, soaking it completely. Believe us when we tell you: An extra towel will come in handy.

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