True, gals with short hair have a lot less to work with when it comes to styling their ‘dos for special occasions (like me now, four inches later!). But that doesn’t mean you’re above-the-shoulder locks have to look any less fancy among the sea of glamour curls and mega braids.

We’re going beyond the sparkly hairpin with these three ways for short-haired girls to style their hair, but the final looks are *almost* as easy to pull off! Each of these next-level updos will leave your locks polished in under 10 minutes — and with minimal product + tools. Like stars who have recently chopped off their locks (Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Duff — see, I’m not alone!), get ready to be the center of short hair envy in three, two, one…

Romantic + Twisted

1. Use a wave iron want to curl your hair away from your face.

2. Give it a once over with your favorite hairspray.

3. Starting in the middle section of your head, twist a piece of hair back and pin in place.

4. Repeat on the other side.

5. Keep twisting back sections of hair and pinning them back and up in place toward the back center of your head.

6. Once both sides are pinned in place, take the front sections of your hair and pin them back loosely to keep a shape around your face.

7. Pull out a few stray pieces of hair around your face to give a more wispy feel.

Dreamy updo alert!

Headband Bouffant

1. Back comb the entire top portion of your hair to give it mega volume.

2. Gently smooth out the top.

3. Put your head band on.

4. Pull half of your hair back, twisting the ends and securing it in the center of your head with bobby pins.

5. Pull up one side of the remaining loose hair and pin up into place.

6. Continue to pull up sections of hair until all of it is pinned.

Vintage-inspired hairdo FTW!

French Knots

1. Comb your hair into a heavy side part.

2. Pick up the top section and separate into two sub sections.

3. Tie these pieces into a loose knot.

4. Pick up another small section of hair the way you would if you were doing a French braid (only you are not braiding at all!) and add it into the end of one strand.

5. Now pick up a same size section from the bottom portion of hair and add it into the bottom strand.

6. Tie your new longer strands into another loose knot and secure using a bobby pin.

7. Continue picking up new strands of hair to add into the shorter strands, tying them into loose knots and securing with a pin.

8. When you get to the center back of your head, start to pin the other half of your hair back with pins to keep the silhouette balanced but ultimately achieve an asymmetrical styled look.

This half-braided look is stellar for literally any occasion. Now toss on your party dress and have a ball!

What fancy ways do you style your short hair? Bonus points if it’s easy! Tell us about your short hair hacks — fancy or casual — in the comments below.