Got five minutes to do your ‘do in the morning? We’ve got you covered! We already listed 15 of our favorite hair hacks for medium-to-long hair lengths, but now we’re turning our attention to the shorties. If your hair barely brushes your shoulders or is chopped high and tight, you need to check out these 12 short hair hacks. ‘Cause these no fuss hairstyles are seriously slick!

1. French Braid Updo: Show off your French braiding skills with this romantic updo. It’s kind of a low-bun meets milkmaid braid that would be perfect for a first date. (via The Beauty Department)

2. Fishtail Braid: Small sections of hair criss cross to make a lovely side fishtail braid. Don’t miss out on part two where you learn how to pin it back like a pro! (via Howcast)

3. Textured Pixie: Get your hair twirl on for this terrifically tousled style. Simply twist small sections of gelled hair around your finger as you blow dry. (via TRESemme)

4. Pixie Perfection: Channel your inner pop star with this striking style. Comb your hair back one way then switch it up right before you cross the finish line to make this ‘do sleek and edgy. (via The Beauty Department)

5. Messy Bun with Volume: A quick tease of the hair at the top of your head will give this updo just the boost it needs. Then tie a tiny bun on top for a cute and casual look. (via The Everygirl)

6. Faux Updo: If your hair is too short to pull all the way up and back, then fake it till you make it! A patterned scarf is your partner in crime for this 60s-inspired tutorial. (via Keiko Lynn)

7. Office Look: This is the way to give super short hair some serious height. The key product for this style is mousse – you’ll use a lot of it – then finish by blow drying upward with a roll brush. (via TRESemme)

8. Sew Your Hair: We can’t wait to try this whimsical hair style that calls for a needle and thread! Your hair will hold the thread in place after a decent amount of backcombing. That’s sew cool! (via She Lets Her Hair Down)

9. Topsy Tail-Inspired Twisted Updo: Tospy tail upon topsy tail makes a lovely waterfall effect on this updo fit for special occasions. To finish, simply tuck in your lowest pony. (via The Beauty Thesis)

10. A New Age Twist: This modern pompadour is to die for! Blow dry your shoulder-length hair flipped over to maximize height, then backcomb and secure with bobby pins. It’s so retro chic. (via Refinery29).

11. Headband Curls: What’s a fun way to get curls without much fuss? Tuck and twist! It definitely takes less than five minutes to prep for this hairstyle, but you’ll need to let it set for a few hours to get the wavy final look. (via One Little Mama)

12. Five Minute Hairstyle: We’ll end this roundup with a truly simple hairstyle whose name says it all! Dramatic side parts are all the rage, but soften it up with a simple twist along the hairline. (via TRESemme)

Bonus: How to Style Long Hair Short: We thought we’d show some love to our long haired ladies with this trickster style. You’ll have to bust out your curling iron to camouflage your long locks, but isn’t that so much easier than cutting off all of your hair? (via A Beautiful Mess)

What quick and easy ways do you style short hair? Tell us in the comments below.