Surely by now you’ve heard of 13 Reasons Why, the newest Netflix hit which has Selena Gomez on board as executive producer and is causing some serious buzz around the internet. If you haven’t already watched the entire series, then you should probably do that ASAP. But before you do, here are the (moving, heartbreaking, and possibly triggering) reasons why fans are freaking out over 13 Reasons Why, and why you will too.

Selena Gomez

It tells the wrenching story of a teen girl who commits suicide, but the tale twists when it turns out she’s left behind tapes for those she blames for pushing her to her death. Without ruining the show with spoilers, it’s probably best to be aware of the fact that the series deals with some pretty triggering subjects. And that’s one of the reasons why fans are deeming it one of the best shows Netflix has released in ages.

13 Reasons Why

Delving into heartbreakingly relevant topics (bullying, harassment, sexual assault, violence), the show doesn’t shy away from portraying the sickening scenes in any way other than horrifying and doesn’t gloss over the aftermath.

13 Reasons Why

Unflinchingly dark, the first season ended with cliffhangers showing the struggles of the characters, as we’re led to believe that in season two there will be more beyond Hannah’s suicide and world-shattering tapes.

13 Reasons Why

Incredibly well-written, setting up a mystery involving seriously troubling issues that continue to spark ongoing consequences, the young cast has tackled the difficult roles with care, and it results in a world that viewers are quickly (and devastatingly) drawn into.

It’s easy to see why the series is so popular despite being so hard to watch.

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