Demi Lovato has been a champion for self love on social media for quite some time now. Not only has she been an advocate for mental health, but she鈥檚 also been very outspoken about聽her 鈥淐onfident鈥 body image, most recently posting a shot of her nonexistent thigh gap to show girls everywhere she鈥檚 plenty beautiful without it. Fans regularly turn to the 24-year-old singer for her outspoken honesty and message of body positivity. Which is exactly why they鈥檙e not pulling any punches about one of her latest Instagram posts, which appears to include 鈥渄ieting tips.鈥

The post in question shows the Camp Rock actress touting the benefits of Teami detox tea, saying it鈥檚 helping her to fight bloating and get summer ready. It also includes a 20-percent-off code for followers to use on the sponsored product, with an invitation for fans to join her in taking the brand鈥檚 30 day detox challenge.

It鈥檚 a move that doesn鈥檛 jive with her followers, who viewed the post as a promotion for weight loss. In no less than 7,000 comments, they鈥檙e voicing their opinions to let her know just that, writing things such as 鈥淒isappointing,鈥 and 鈥淕irl, if you think drinking detox tea and 鈥榞etting rid of the bloat鈥 is self-love, you still have a looong way to go.鈥

Admirers of the singer find the post particularly troubling as Lovato herself has struggled with a very public eating disorder. Consequently, she鈥檚 bonded with many fans suffering from similar illnesses, who they worry may be triggered by the promotion.

Others still are worried for Lovato鈥檚 own health. While a nutritionist who spoke to Teen Vogue says that significant weight loss isn鈥檛 typical with such a product (鈥淭he weight loss from [detox teas] is primarily, and probably all, water weight. If true weight loss occurs, it is because a caloric deficit also occurred from a change in eating habits鈥), there is concern from fans that such a body-focused challenge could trigger a relapse, as well as expose her to other health risks: A quick glance at the fine print reveals the tea鈥檚 first ingredient to be聽senna root, which is not recommended to be taken for more than two weeks, and can actually be fairly dangerous with long-term use (side effects include muscle weakness, heart function disorders, and liver damage, to name a few).

Lovato, thus far, has not commented

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(h/t Teen Vogue; Photos via Rick Kern + Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)