We talk a lot about the bridesmaids, the wedding and, of course, the bride and groom. But what do we too often forget about? That fancy little flower girl! She’s the first to kick off the ceremony — the opening act. It’s her job to make a sartorial statement (and to make all the guests gush over how cute she is). If you want to help your favorite little one look like a princess on your wedding day, here are 20 fashion-forward flower girl dresses to gush over. So much so in fact, we are starting to wish they came in our size…

1. Angelic Fairy Swan Dress ($165): This little gal is a fashionista in the making. Better watch out or she might show you up on your big day.

2. My Fair Lady ($96): She might not know who Audrey Hepburn is, but she’ll look just as great as the classic Hollywood star.

3. Sophistication Empire Tutu Dress ($130): We love how this dress is detailed up top, but also totally playful and kid-friendly on bottom.

4. Lyla Dress ($140): How classy this sweetie will look as she struts down the aisle. Eyelash lace and silk charmeuse ribbons make this dress a keeper.

5. Beaded Beauty: Sadly, this beauty’s dress was custom made. We’re still secretly hoping to miraculously find it in our size somewhere. For now, you can get a similar version for your little one at J Crew for $198. (via 100 Layer Cake)

6. Penelope Flower Girl Dress ($650): Our hearts almost can’t handle how adorable this lace sweetheart dress is. Transform your school girl into a little lady with this garment that’s just oozing with sophistication.

7. Dreamcatcher Tutu Dress ($199): If wedding gowns don’t have to be white, who says flower girl dresses do? We love the idea of using a non-traditional shade for a surprise pop of color.

8. Elsie Dress ($165): With a scalloped hem and silky ribbon, she’ll be the most comfortable princess in all the land.

9. Constellation Flower Girl Dress ($400): It’s your special day, but the flower girl should sparkle, too! She’ll catch everyone’s eye in this glittery gold getup.

10. Annabelle Flower Girl Dress ($700): Caution: You may end up wishing this flower girl’s dress could be your wedding dress. And that floral crown? I mean, c’mon! This is too good.

11. Pamela Flower Girl ($800): This one is for those of you really into the “flower” part of flower girl. Once she puts this on, she’s never going to want to take it off.

12. White Lace Cottage Chic Dress ($35): For your little boho beauty. We don’t think you’ll hear any complaints from her on this one.

13. Katy Dress ($900): Alright, so we admit this is a lot to spend on a flower girl dress, but just look at it. The rose-colored sequins and gigantic bow will make her look just like her favorite fairytale character.

14. Krikor Jabotian Dress (Price Upon Request): Oh my goodness. Forget about the bride. With a dress like this the flower girl is going to be the main event.

15. Olivia PINK Flower Girl Lace Dress ($72): Maybe your wedding is more of a laid back affair than a royal occasion. If that’s the case, this casual frock is just what you need. We say keep the barefoot feet and feathered headband.

16. Poison Arrow Tutu Dress ($149): This triple-tiered skirt is part flower girl, part ballerina. Let’s just stop for a minute and think about how amazing that combination would be coming down the aisle.

17. Victorian Lace Flower Girl ($180): This super stylish piece would be awesome for a vintage or steam-punk inspired wedding. We love the unique high collar and gathered sleeves.

18. Coco Flower Tuxedo Short + Blouse Combo ($250): If your flower girl is more into skateboarding than playing dress up, embrace her sporty side with an adorable short and blouse combo. A giant bow in the back adds a more formal element to the comfortable, practical outfit.

19. Molly Dress ($119): Here’s a blush option that’s a little subtler than the Dreamcatcher dress. This delicate shade is made even sweeter thanks to a sparkly collar.

20. The Lauren Dress ($550): This muted color may seem a little dark for a young one at first, but when paired with the right accessories, it totally works. Brighten it up with a mini floral crown or some fun shoes.

Did you recently buy a dress for a lucky little flower girl? What did you pick? Share a picture with us!