We love weddings. And we really love unique weddings, with their fab DIY elements and personalized touches that perfectly represent the couple they’re uniting. One way to make sure everyone remembers your nuptials? A truly one-of-a-kind, maybe a little crazy, location. We’ve collected 15 spots that fit the bill, some perfect for a destination wedding and some you can find wherever you’re planning your big day — all, for the adventurous twosome tying the knot!

1. Dracula’s Castle: That’s right, you can get married at Bran Castle, the former dwelling of real-life Dracula inspo, Vlad the Impaler. Just be prepared to shell out some big bucks, and watch for bats. (via Bran Castle)

2. Roller Coaster: Skip the creepy and go for exhilarating with a mid-roller coaster ride wedding. You can hit up this one in Las Vegas, or convince a daring officiant to hit up the local amusement park with you. (via NY NY Hotel + Casino)

3. Donut Shop: Voodoo Donut Shop in Portland, OR advertises a variety of wedding packages to choose from. But if you’re going for a more low-budget deal, Dunkin Donuts is a pretty crazy option, too. (via Snippet + Ink)

4. Under Water: We’ve heard of trashing the dress after the wedding, but before you’ve even said, “I do?” Well, it is a pretty good excuse for why you need a reception dress, too. (via True Photography)

5. In The Sky: Tie the knot without leaving your home by hoisting your ceremony 150-feet up in the air. But, for their sakes, we hope your guests aren’t afraid of heights. (via Marriage in the Sky)

6. Hogwarts’ Infirmary: For realsies, this is the Divinity School at Oxford’s Bodleian Library. But for the diehard Potterhead, it’s a wedding locale dream-come-true. A less crazy option would be the library of your alma mater. Who needs decor when you have a million books as a backdrop? (via Kate Hopewell-Smith)

7. Your Fave Museum: Who wouldn’t want a dinosaur at their wedding?! This beautiful beast is Sue the T-Rex at Chicago‘s Field Museum, but feel free to sub in a local museum with killer scenery. (via The Field Museum)

8. A Cave: We knew making our parents take us spelunking would pay off some day. This is sort of a best of all world’s scenario — gorgeous natural scenery and no worrying about weather complications. (via Olivera Rusu)

9. Stonehenge: In the interest of full disclosure, this pic isn’t really Stonehenge, at least not the one in Wiltshire. It’s a Stonehenge memorial in Washington State. You can hit up the real deal on a solstice or equinox, or pick another mysterious monument. (via Sweet Violet Bride)

10. Burned-Out Flour Mill: Minneapolis’s Mill City Museum offers up a stunning and unique locale, a former flour mill that exploded in the 19th century. If you’re from the Twin Cities, hit this place up. If not, track down some local ruins of your own for a crazy cool wedding venue. (via The Knot)

11. Bolivian Salt Flat: When most people think destination wedding they think warm and tropical, like Costa Rica, or romantic, like Tuscany. Not you, though. You thought Patagonia. It is sure to be a truly one-of-a-kind wedding experience. (photo via Fraser Coast Chronicle)

12. Your Team’s Stadium: Come a gorgeous summer afternoon, we’d all rather be at the ball park with a hot dog and beer than sweltering in the office. For the über-fan couple, there’s no better wedding venue than your fave team’s stadium. (via Wedding Paper Divas)

13. The Desert: Alright, so it may be a trend, but it’s a pretty darn hot one. The potential for dehydration and heat stroke in the middle of the reception totally makes this a crazy, but gorgeous, choice. (via Ruffled)

14. The Hotel that Inspired The Shining: The horror movie aficionado may appreciate a haunted wedding venue. This hotel in Estes Park, CO inspired King’s novel, and still boasts a couple of resident ghosts. (via The Stanley Hotel)

15. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta: A hot air balloon is a super cute place to pop the question, so a giant hot air balloon festival must be an even cuter place to answer it. Plus you can enjoy gorgeous summer temps while taking full advantage of autumnal wedding inspo. (via New Mexico Wedding Magazine)

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