Not all cooking needs to be fast, because let’s face it: Some more involved projects can be fun! My husband Alex and I, who just published our first cookbook Pretty Simple Cooking, love spending an evening cooking together with a glass of wine in hand. However, there are some evenings where a quick fix is absolutely necessary. Here are five of our favorite ways to get dinner on the table in lightning speed.

1. 15-Minute Gnocchi With Romesco Sauce: I made this gnocchi by myself between 5:54 and 6:09 on a Thursday night, so it really is speedy. The gnocchi boil in three minutes, and they’re covered in a zesty blender romesco sauce. To save even more time, instead of cooking it, the spinach is wilted using the pasta water.

2. Pesto Arugula Breakfast Sandwich: This is billed as a breakfast sandwich, but it’s perfect for brinner, featuring basil pesto, lightly wilted arugula, and a dippy egg. Make it on bread with two eggs for a more filling meal. For a vegan option, try a mediterranean loaded veggie sandwich (with purchased hummus and no feta).

3. Thai Curry Naan Pizza: Pita or naan pizzas are a great way to use up leftover veg. Just toast the bread for a few minutes in the oven until crisp, then top with veggies and cheese and bake until melted. Another even swifter option: Umami bomb pita pizza.

4. Quick Garlic Shrimp With Couscous: Quickest of the quick, shrimp cooks in three minutes and couscous in five minutes and are combined with a bit of lemon and a sprinkling of parsley.

5. Mushroom and Brie Quesadillas: A sophisticated quesadilla allows you to use up leftovers. Instead of using traditional Mexican flavors, this one features mushrooms, Brie cheese, honey, and fresh thyme.

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(Photos via A Couple Cooks)