There’s nothing that turns a boring meal into a delicious one more quickly than cheese. From milky fresh mozzarella to squeaky fried halloumi, even just a little bit can add richness and a salty balance to your plate. And nothing proves the versatility of cheese quite like briny, tangy feta. Once you see how it enhances these 14 recipes, you’ll be a total convert.

1. Slow Cooker Greek Chicken Gyros: Slow cooked chicken, tender and healthy, is the star of these gyro wraps. Pair them with your favorite crunchy fresh vegetables, and plenty of salty feta and creamy tzatziki sauce on top. (via The Seasoned Mom)

2. Greek Tortellini Pasta Salad: Amp up your favorite pasta salad by swapping in tortellini. Throw in some chickpeas for extra protein. (via Sue Bee Homemaker)

3. Greek Chicken Salad: Greek chicken, roasted until brown and crispy, sits atop this hearty salad. It’s all topped with nutty tahini balsamic vinaigrette. (via Ally’s Cooking)

4. Chorizo, Butternut, and Feta Samp: Samp, a South African dried corn porridge (similar to hominy), is the heart of this recipe. It’s paired with smokey chorizo, sweet butternut squash, and plenty of salty, tangy feta cheese. (via 5 Flavours)

5. Papaya, Prosciutto, and Blueberry Salad: Displayed in a wide, shallow bowl, this salad can easily take center stage at your next dinner party. Serve it with slices of crusty bread and maple syrup vinaigrette. (via In Good Flavor)

6. Mediterranean Wedge Salad: Give your steakhouse favorite a makeover. Wedge salad, given a Mediterranean overhaul, is a surprisingly fresh side or light entree. (via The Modern Proper)

7. Sweetcorn and Feta Fritters: These versatile fritters can be made with fresh, frozen, or even canned corn. Add in some salty feta to help balance the sweetness of the golden kernels. (via Domestic Gothess)

8. Fresh Pea Salad With Grilled Apricots: Juicy grilled apricots add a deep, fruity flavor to this salad. Drizzle a basil scallion dressing on top to bring the rest of the ingredients together. (via Life Is But a Dish)

9. Summer Squash Lattice Galette: Make good use of humble zucchini and summer squash in this galette with an elegant lattice top. (via Figs and Flour)

10. Lamb Burgers With Feta and Harissa Aioli: Juicy lamb burgers are always a fun alternative to the usual beef patties. Pair them with a spicy feta aioli to really make the flavors pop. (via Pinch and Swirl)

11. Fatayer: Fatayer is a Middle Eastern pie you can stuff with anything from meat to cheese. This vegetarian version opts for Swiss chard, walnuts, and a host of flavorful add-ins. (via The Delicious Crescent)

12. Feta-Brined Chicken: Juicy chicken that can stand up to the heat of the grill and not dry out is often the result of time spent soaking in a flavorful brine. In this case, the liquid from a block of feta is used, imbuing the meat with a salty tang. (via Life Is But a Dish)

13. Stuffed Globe Squash With Farro: Mild globe squash is the perfect candidate for stuffing. This recipe uses a mix of farro, seasoned with mint, lemon, and Greek cheese. (via Figs and Flour)

14. Greek Shrimp Saganaki: Succulent shrimp is stewed in tomatoes in this flavorful recipe. Pair it with crusty bread or warm pita, so you can scoop every last bit from the pan. (via Everyday Healthy Recipes)

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