When you hear fried cheese, you probably imagine gooey deep fried mozzarella sticks or balls of macaroni and cheese. Both of which are equally delicious, obvi. But, if you really want to show off to a crowd, you need to break out the halloumi. Halloumi is a Greek sheep’s milk cheese that has an abnormally high melting point, which means you can fry it and grill it to your heart’s content. If your mind isn’t *too* blown yet, keep reading for 14 recipes that’ll have you frying cheese for every meal.


1. Bacon Halloumi Bites: Seriously, does it actually get any better than cheese wrapped in bacon and fried? The answer is no and you need these in your life, ASAP. (via Kitchen Mason)


2. Avocado and Halloumi Bruschetta: If you thought that your daily avo toast was as Instagrammable as it could get, think again. Add a few pieces of grilled halloumi to the top and prepare for the comments to roll in. (via Fuss Free Cooking)


3. Loaded Greek Fries With Halloumi, Spiced Lamb, and Tzatziki: You definitely won’t find these loaded fries at In-N-Out Burger. They’re piled high with homemade tzatziki, feta, lamb, and buttery halloumi cubes for a squeaky bite. (via Food and Wine)


4. Green Goddess Zucchini Pasta With Fried Halloumi: Fun fact: Serving halloumi on top of green goddess zoodles totally cancels out the truth that it’s fried cheese. (Right?!) (via Half Baked Harvest)


5. Griddled Halloumi and Peach Salad With Homemade Lemon Pesto: Summer called and it wants its salad back. This fresh mixture is full of juicy peaches, asparagus, grilled halloumi, and a smattering of tangy lemon pesto to finish. (via Nicky’s Kitchen Sanctuary)


6. Hummus Wrap With Halloumi: Halloumi adds a hearty element to this veggie wrap. Load it up with plenty of hummus for protein and your meatless Monday just got that much easier to accomplish. (via Naturally Ella)

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Halloumi Sliders 800 5245

7. Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Halloumi Sliders: If you’re always on the hunt for the perfect appetizer, your search is finally over. Use roasted Brussels sprouts as a veggie bun to sandwich halloumi, caramelized onions, and whole grain mustard for the ultimate one-bite nosh. (via Closet Cooking)

sage broccoli

8. Sage and Halloumi Roasted Broccoli With Caramelized Leeks: You’ve heard of Hasselbeck potatoes, but have you ever tried the method with broccoli? Make three incisions in a head of broccoli and stuff with leeks, sage, and halloumi for a healthy and attractive weeknight side dish. (via Olive)


9. Smoky Chorizo, Halloumi, and Spinach Breakfast Waffles: Once you dive into the world of savory waffles, it’ll be hard to go back. Sandwich an egg between two and you’ll have the most epic cheesy breakfast of your life. (via Donna Hay)


10. Spicy Green Goddess Sandwich With Grilled Halloumi: The seeded multigrain roll adds an earthiness that pairs exceptionally with the salty cheese and spicy avocado-jalapeño sauce. (via Simply Delicious)


11. Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms With Ricotta, Pesto, and Grilled Halloumi: Whether you serve these stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer, a light lunch, or quick side dish, they’re going to be a *total* crowd pleaser. Plus, you get to use up the herbs and ricotta chilling in your fridge! (via Not Enough Cinnamon)


12. Creamy Sweet Potato and Halloumi Pasta: You’re probably used to finishing your pasta with a sprinkle of Parmesan or mozzarella, not cubes of seared halloumi. That process is all about to change for the better. (via Cook Republic)


13. Watermelon Basil Halloumi Bites: If you’ve never cooked with halloumi before, this classic recipe is a great place to start. There are only three elements to the simple appetizer, but they all work together to produce a major taste and texture explosion. (via Making Thyme for Health)


14. Fried Halloumi Tacos: Give your usual traditional tacos the boot and reach for these on your next taco Tuesday instead. The fried halloumi is a great non-tofu option for vegetarians, and it really gets a chance to shine alongside creamy guacamole. (via What’s Gaby Cooking)

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