It may seem like we鈥檝e been waiting forever for the return of the Gilmore Girls (haven鈥檛 we?!), but there鈥檚 no doubt that it will be worth it when we get to return to Stars Hollow on November 25. And though we鈥檝e been focusing on Rory鈥檚 love-life and Lorelai鈥檚 sitch with Luke, other characters are coming back to join the fun, including one of our very faves, Sookie St. James. Sookie was played by Melissa McCarthy, who has found wild success since the end of the show, and Lauren Graham (AKA Lorelai) had some pretty sweet things to say about her friend鈥檚 return to the beloved series.

Gilmore Girls _ Sookie

鈥淵ou know, the way these things come together is so circuitous and she鈥檚 so busy,鈥 Lauren said of Melissa while chatting with ET. But when McCarthy confirmed that she would be able to fit the reboot into her schedule, Lauren says, 鈥淚t was the final piece of the puzzle to make sure that the show felt whole. That all of its important players were there, except for Ed [Herrmann, who played Richard Gilmore], but it was great to have her there.鈥

Gilmore Girls _ Lorelai and Sookie

When it finally came time to join each other on set again, Lauren says, 鈥淚t was just great. [We] got to hang out after and it鈥檚 like [Alexis was] saying, you have a foundation with these people, so anything else is just icing on the cake.鈥

We can鈥檛 wait for a taste of that cake!

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(h/t ET; photos via Netflix)