A good foundation can be a game changer for creating flawless-looking skin, but searching for just the right one can be a real trial sometimes. Finding the perfect color is only half the battle — once you get the color right, you still have to decide between countless formulas and finishes. We’re helping you out with 11 tips on how to find the perfect foundation for your skin type so you can rock that natural look.

1. Oily Skin: If you have oily or combination skin and want to cover large pores and blemishes with a matte finish, then stay away from oily foundations that slide off your face. Choose an oil-free liquid foundation with lightweight silicone, which helps pigments adhere but won’t clog pores. We suggest Neutrogena Shine Control Makeup Broad Spectrum ($12). (via Lisa Eldridge)

2. Dry Skin: With dry and flaky skin, your biggest battle is fighting dullness and fine lines. To get that dewy, fresh look, choose a creamy foundation that contains moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients. A BB cream like Origins A Perfect World BB ($35) packs emollients, anti-agers, antioxidants and sunscreen into one tube. (via Style List)

3. Normal Skin: If you have fairly normal skin and just want to blend away imperfections, then you can wear pretty much any foundation. For a naturally beautiful finish, go for sheer liquids or one with a tinted moisturizer that has just enough pigment to even out your skin without being too noticeable, like NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer ($42). (via The Blondeshell)

4. Sensitive Skin: Heavy foundations can irritate sensitive skin, leaving redness that you have to cover up. Mineral makeup is the way to go for highly pigmented formulas that cover up redness and discoloration. Korres Wild Rose Mineral Foundation ($28) contains skin soothers and is free of irritants. (via La Roche-Posay)

5. Matte Foundations: Most skin types work with matte foundations that absorb oil for an even, powdery finish. If you have dry or mature skin, we suggest choosing a formula that is enriched with moisturizers, like Stila’s Stay All Day Foundation ($44). (via Makeup for Life)

6. Luminizing Foundation: If your skin looks flat, try using a foundation with a luminizing finish infused with finely ground light-reflective particles. Foundations like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Powder ($60) will diffuse the look of fine lines and wrinkles. (via Beauty Foolosophy)

7. Dark Skin: If you have dark skin, you want to avoid looking ashen with a foundation that is too light. DiorSkin Fluide Mocha ($50) is specially formulated with low levels of titanium dioxide to help create a bright, healthy-looking base. (via Total Beauty)

8. Avoid Splotchiness: Using just a pea-sized amount of light primer will help foundation go on more evenly and last longer by creating a smooth base for the pigment to stick to. Look for primers made with silicone, which fills in pores and lines and illuminates the skin, giving you an airbrushed look. Our fave is Too Faced’s Primed and Poreless Smoothing Primer ($30). (via Keiko Lynn)

9. Blue Blood: If the veins on your wrist appear blue-ish, find a foundation that has a rosy or red base, like L’Oreal Paris True Match ($11). (via Michelle Phan)

10. Warm Tones: Your veins appear green if you have warmer skin tones. If you bronze or tan quickly in the sun, choose a foundation with a golden or yellow base like Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation ($62). (via Elle Canada)

11. Ask a Pro: When in doubt, ask a professional for help. They are trained to understand undertones and skin types and will help you find that perfect foundation. (via Refinery 29)

Do you have any tips for finding the right foundation? Talk to us in the comments below!