True fact: I hate shopping for foundation. It’s so hard to find the perfect match for your skin tone. Honey Almond… Bronze Goddess…Peachy Delight… who knows which is best?! I certainly don’t.

In fact, the average woman tries seven times until she finds the right choice. If you’ve ever shopped for foundation, you have probably felt like Goldilocks once or twice: too light, too dark, too heavy… but seemingly never just right.

Well, Sephora and Pantone are teaming up to solve this expensive and annoying dilemma… with an app! The new Sephora + Pantone ColorIQ system uses tech to find the perfect foundation for your unique skin.

So, how does it work? When you go into one of the participating stores (disclaimer: right now, this only consists of stores in New York and San Francisco, but we’re hoping they add others across the country soon!), you can snag a skin analysis with the ColorIQ device. In less than 2 seconds, the device takes 27 color-accurate images of your face, with 8 illuminations and 1 ultra-violet illumination. A composite of these images is taken, giving you an accurate reading of your skin tone.

This is then cross-referenced, via the ColorIQ iPad app, with Sephora’s database of more than 1,000 foundations, giving you a selection of makeup that matches your skin tone, which you can narrow down further based on factors that matter to you, like SPF or degree of coverage. The end result is that you get the exact right foundation for you. Ah, refreshing, isn’t it?

Beyond the fact that a beauty retailer is doing such cool things with technology (and yes, Sephora is known for that), we’re doubly pumped that they’ve teamed with Pantone, one of the most colorful companies in the world. (PS: If you love Pantone as much as we do, don’t forget to check out our epic Pantone Gift Guide.)

What do you think of the Color IQ system? What other annoyances do you come across when shopping for beauty products? Let us know in the comments below or find us over on Twitter.