When did we decide that weddings were all about ivory gowns and pastel pinks? More importantly, when did we decide that all wedding dresses had to be the same color? Sure, there are some daring brides who proudly flaunt their desire for color by choosing a nude, pink or even a grey wedding gown. But even those fierce ladies tend to stick to the same old tradition: The wedding dress is one solid color and that’s it.

Well, we’re here to say that we think bright feminine florals belong on wedding dresses. Whether you decide to be a colorful bride or stick with the classics, here are 14 floral wedding dresses that we’d wear down the aisle in a heartbeat.

1. Fields of Violets: Besides the exquisite cut of this dress, we can’t stop gushing over the gorgeous floral pattern. The rich shade of violet contrasts starkly against the white dress and completes this elegant look. (via Ruffled)

2. Something Blue: Even if you want to wear a white dress for your ceremony, nothing says you can’t slip into something more comfortable and colorful for the party. This sweet blue dress, with tons of adorable embroidered flowers, would easily be our choice. (via W Scott Chester)

3. A Flash of Color: Dying for both the white dress and the bright florals? This dress has a sneaky little secret that gives you the best of both worlds. While it’s ivory on top, a little flip of the skirt reveals a stunningly bright lining. It will make you want to kick up your heels and dance. (via Wedding Party)

4. Pleated Elegance: For a floral gown that’s beyond elegant, pick something in a classic blue shade and a unique cut. (via Brides)

5. Lace and Silk: This bright red custom gown is perfect for a bride who isn’t afraid to stand out in the crowd. With a gold silk shift under the red floral lace, this beautiful dress will quickly make you the center of attention… not that you wouldn’t be otherwise. (via Kelly Sauer)

6. The Detail’s In The Dress: Sticking with white? No problem, you can still get in on the pattern trend. Pick a dress with an intricate stitched or lace flower design, like the stunner above. Paired with an unusual back and a cute bow, it practically shouts boho glam. (via Buzzfeed)

7. Classic Floral: We couldn’t have a wedding dress roundup without at least one classic cut transformed by a floral fabric. The sweetheart neckline is a common choice, but the bright pink pattern is anything but. (via Polka Dot Bride)

8. One-Shouldered: This girly frock is all the right kinds of sexy, thanks to its one-shoulder cut. (via Wedding Party)

9. A Flowery Top: Get the best of both worlds with a dress that incorporates a little bit of floral without taking over the entire dress. We love the simple details at the bust, as well as the fine pink ribbon that marks where the classic white begins. (via Wedding Party)

10. Big, Bold Colors: This is certainly a dress that will catch everyone’s eye. The bright shades of purple, royal blue and neon pink are bold enough already, but add a geometrically pleated skirt and you’ve got a look with a huge punch of personality. (via Ruffled)

11. Ethereal Beauty: This artistic gown looks like a magical watercolor painting. The folds of airy fabric and the pale pastel colors would make any girl feel like a fairy princess. (via Atelier Aimee)

12. Sparkling Applique: This gorgeous dress is a work of art. Transforming a vintage lace dress with hand-stitched sequin appliques is a genius DIY idea we’d definitely be proud to wear. (via Wedding Chicks)

13. Elegant Black and White: This black and white affair adds a slightly more mature edge to a youthful strapless cut. Dark gray-blue subtly blends in between the black and white lines to bring everything together beautifully. (via Love My Dress)

14. Subtle Shades of Blue: For a bride that wants to incorporate a little something different into her dress, this gorgeous floral gown should inspire. Delicate blue flowers hug the bodice and the skirt but still leave plenty of space for the white satin to shine through. (via Wedding Party)

Would you wear one of these floral wedding dresses? Tell us your favorite picks in the comments below!