Growing up, your mom probably told you not to play with your food. But California-based Two Tumbleweeds wants you to throw this and other conventional rules about eating and cooking off the dining table. Their Foodie Dice will literally shake up your usual dinner routine through an easy and fun culinary game.


The story of Two Tumbleweeds is a tale of two sisters who hail from the Midwest. After tumbling through numerous locations and landing in Sonoma, California, the siblings joined forces to create a company that inspired others to harness creativity in daily life — namely in the kitchen. Tired of cooking the same humdrum recipes night after night, the duo decided that dice were the ideal way to help others playfully mix up their cooking routines with endless ingredient combinations. The company’s roll of the dice in business was successful, and they raised $156,000 on Kickstarter last year to launch Foodie Dice.


While infusing flavor and finesse into your weeknight cooking routine may sound complicated, it isn’t with the Foodie Dice. To start playing with your food, place the five primary dice in a tumbler, toss in one of the four seasonal veggie die and roll. The Foodie Dice display ideas for cooking methods, proteins, carbs, herbs and veggies for over 186,000 meal combinations. For example, you might land on a combination of sauté, pork OR eggs, potato, carrots, dill and bacon. With your ingredient inspo in hand, you can shop for and whip up a MasterChef-worthy meal at your next dinner party.


If you’re cooking up holiday gift ideas for the foodie in your life, look no further than the Foodie Dice. The elegant, laser-engraved wooden dice arrive packaged in an upcycled wine bottle tumbler or a cotton muslin pouch. The protein die even includes both meat and vegetarian options, so you and your buds can still stick to that vegan or vegetarian diet as you up your culinary game.

If you’re ready to throw caution to the wind and get rolling on a fun and flavorful meal, head on over to the Foodie Dice website to snag a set of your own in a variety of prices.

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(Photos via Foodie Dice)